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Prescription design and development

Bowel Movement Satiety Burn Fat Hair Regeneration Reduce Water Retention Sugar Blocker Blood Sugar Support  Hypotension
Gout Relief Cholesterol Blood Clot Cure Whitening Anti-wrinkle Anti-aging Skin Elasticity
Moisturize Collagen Synthesis Memory Improvement De-Stress  Sleep Aid Refreshing  Sexual Enhance Prostate Enlargement
Men’s hormones Eyes care Intimate Skin  Protection Breastfeeding Breast Enhancement Menopause PMS Relief
Soy Isoflavone Iron plus Peripheral Circulation Improvement Antioxidant Immune Support Anti-air pollution
pH Balance Detoxification Liver Support  Stomach Support Anti-hangover
Intestinal improvement Digestion Support Joint Relief Calcium Supplements
Anti-inflammatory and Soothing Muscle Growth Improve Exercise Efficiency
Vitamin and Mineral  Anti-Fatigue

Over 300 kinds of patent raw materials, 500 kinds of
ingredients, 50 kinds of develop recipes and all over 30,000 data .

Research and Development