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Bowel Movement Satiety Slimming Dietary Hair & Nail Protection Dampness Detoxifying Sugar Resistance Blood Sugar Support  Hypertension
Uric Acid Reduction Cholesterol Reduction Blood Clot Removal Skin Whitening Anti-wrinkle Removal Anti-aging Removal Skin Elasticity
Moisture Lock Collagen Synthesis Memory Enhancement StressRelief Sleep Aid Energy Support Male Libido Booster Prostate Health Care
Hormone Regulation Eye Protection Intimate Part Health Care Breastfeeding Breast Enhancement Menopause Health Care Menstruation Conditioning
Isoflavones Supplement Iron/Fe3+Supplement Peripheral Circulation Adjustment Anti-oxidation Immunity Enhancement Lung Protection
Body pH Balance Detoxification Liver Protection Stomach Support Anti-Hangover
Enteric Microflora Digestion Support Joint Maintenance Calcium Supplements
Anti-inflammatory StrengthenMuscle Enhance Sports Efficency
Vitamin & Minerals  Reduce Fatigue

Over 300 kinds of patent raw materials, 500 kinds of
ingredients, 50 kinds of develop recipes and all over 30,000 data .

Research and Development