Functional Jelly

The more customers care about health, the more people need health food. Wel-Bloom’s R&D department takes advantage of basic form, striving to develop new formulation, hoping to offer customers a variety of product choices. In recent years, according to the result of supplement food survey, more and more customers tend to buy food-like supplement, rather than capsule and tablet. It is so popular that people takes supplement food as part of their daily diet. Wel-Bloom spent two years developing the new product – functional jelly, which had more benefits compared to other forms, and was able to customize food function, taste and package. Make your products competitive! Wel-Bloom’s jelly production line is HALAL certified. We keep providing customers with the best quality and safety health food.

FRESH Jelly™- Rising star of functional-food market:


1. Functional:Supply beauty elements easily .
2. Relish:It can replace taking medicine with eating jelly.
3. Effective:Water soluble elements help body to absorb nutrition easily.
4. Slim:Zero fat and low calories keeps you healthy
5. Handy:Portable design let you take it anytime.

1. Unique protective film

It has 3 layers materials which can inhibit UV light, oxygen and protect product activity

2. Hydrogel complex

This special hydrogel is made of natural herbs, which can help ingredients to disperse consistently. It help body to absorb nutrition from supplement food better.

3. High active ingredients

Exceed traditional supplement dosage form limitation, capable of providing highly effective functional health food containing high quantity of active ingredients.

4. Tri-SAFE™

Wel-Bloom develops Tri-SAFE™ special production technology which supports preservative-free, highest activity of ingredients, as well as highest level of safety standard and ingredient quality, providing safe food supplements for consumers.


Functional drink is the main product in supplement food market, customers normally accept and like it. Wel-Bloom customize to provide different capacity for customers.

1. Wine shaped aluminum package drink

The most fashion drink type on the market, which is safe and easy to carry.
Well-Bloom can customize aluminum covers for buyers.

2. Clamshell type Vial bottle

With medical sealing and vial bottle filling design, it is safer and easier to carry than traditional spiral cover drinks.

3. Ring Pull Bottle Caps

Ring pull vial bottle sterilized with medical sealing design, safe and easy to carry.

4. Easily-open cover bottle

Vial bottle filling design with easy-open cover. It is smaller and easier to carry than traditional spiral bottles.

5. Spiral cover drinks

The most common drink type on the market, which is well-sealed with various shape and capacity to choose. Well-Bloom can customize aluminum covers for buyers.


Powder is packed with anti-UV radiation and airtight aluminum foil, easy-to-tear for consumption or dissolving in water. Widely used in instant drink, cereal, weight loss meal replacement, etc. Wel-bloom has the perfect production line and R&D team that cater to all clients’ need including formulation, flavoring, customized ingredients and packaging.

Capsule, Tablet

Wel-bloom is capable of producing a variety of capsules and tablets, including dosage, ingredient, shape and color, adopting many new technologies to increase uniqueness and selling point of your product.

1. Pellets

Using special process which spread nutrients evenly into multiple units of 200~2000μm in diameter, allows easy filling into capsules. It can be designed into quick dispersion and time-release, evenly distributed when ingest for high bioavailability.

2. Liqu-Sealing

The Liqu-Sealing technology developed by combining the advantages of hard capsules and soft capsule, filling the capsules with oily ingredients and sealing a protective membrane on the capsule to increase impermeability. This allows maximal content in the minimal space, with high ingredient compatibility (Oily, sensitive, strong-odor ingredients), improving product stability and commercial value.

3. Soft capsules

The soft capsule is made from thin film of animal gelatin. Through a stainless steel mold, content are filled into capsules and sealed to produce product. Soft capsule will require more sophisticated technology to coat liquid ingredient and maintain the stability of the content. We use different molds to make soft capsules into various shapes and sizes such as round, elliptical, and special drop shapes, which increase the edibility with excellent appearance. It is a great merit for selling this product.

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