Small sellers, Welcome!

How to quickly build your brand?

As an experienced nutraceutical contract manufacturer, Welbloom have helped a lot of startup companies. We can produce in small quantities, even the smallest companies and start-ups can offer health products under their own brand as ODM or Private Label.

We create 333 principles to help you start your business and become the best seller.


3 Point to Create Your Brands
Multiple choices


Quick to sell

 3 Steps to Customize Your Products

Choose the product of target customers 

You can choose the product from different ages and genders.

Choose the product of dosages

We have 6 kinds of dosages that you can choose.

Choose the product of package

We have a ton of packages that you can choose.

3 Marketing Tips Make You Become the Best Seller

The Fully Marketing Resource of Products
We’ll give you all the information and teach you the knowledge that you need about the products.
Promote Pictures of the Product
When you order the product, we’ll give you pictures that you can promote on the website.  
Product Certificate
We’re the highest standard healthy food manufacturer in Taiwan that receives Monde Selection awards, NSF-GMP, Halal and so on.
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