Nutri-Crypt® pellet technology with a unique structure to increase absorption!

Common issues that supplement development would come across, making pellet technology that increases absorption have great potential.      

       Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech is dedicated to manufacturing food-like supplements by providing effective, nutritious, and flavorful supplements in numerous dosage forms. Some common issues found in the dietary supplements available on the market are nutrient loss due to humidity in the storage unit, the ingredients being broken down by gastric juice, and poor palatability. Our pellet technology Nutri-Crypt® offers three-layer protection that has been designed to increase absorption and resolve the ingredient’s flavor issues.  

The unique three-layer structure of Nutri-Crypt®elevates the effect of the supplements.

        The first layer is called the protective layer which could effectively prevent the core ingredients from degradation through gastric acid. We design the protective layers based on the different characteristics of the ingredients. Pellet core is the second layer that alters the timing and the location for the active ingredients to be released in order to achieve a desired therapeutic effect. Taste masking is the third layer that covers the unpleasant odor of certain ingredients to enhance palatability. Nutri-Crypt® is applicable to all kinds of dosage forms, increasing absorption and adding a new texture to the supplements.


        Experiments demonstrate that Nutri-Crypt® technology could effectively increase the heat protection by 148% and retain 83.5% of active ingredients by protecting the ingredients against gastric acid.

   Nutri-Crypt® protects the active ingredients against heat and gastric acid and allows them to reach the intestines directly to achieve optimal absorption.

How can the Nutri-Crypt®pellet technology be applied?

       After launching Fresh-Jelly® which has successfully gained its popularity in 55 countries worldwide, we introduce this breakthrough innovation, Nutri-Crypt® that intends to make our products more acceptable to the customers and push our revolutionary technology to the next level. In the future, we strive to develop more user-friendly dosage forms and nutritious, delicious supplements that delight customers. 


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ALLNutri-Crypt® pellet technology with a unique structure to increase absorption!