Adjustment of eating habits for the upcoming winter,

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Increased winter mortality from a life-threatening condition – Stroke

 Winter is not only the season to come down with colds, experience cold hands, and feet, and dry skin, but also the season, especially for cardiovascular and heart diseases. Globally, chronic diseases contributed to more than half of all deaths. Moreover, in the past 15 years, Ischemic heart disease and stroke have been the top two causes of death worldwide as well as the leading killers in winter months.

Eastern philosophy of health maintenance versus Western use of nutrition, scientific evidence of traditional Chinese medicine

 Increasing life expectancy requires the maintenance of good health. The East links this concept with food therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, while the West focuses on the role of nutrition more. For example, ginger is widely used as a food ingredient in medicinal cuisine in Eastern culture, whereas westerners often make use of vitamins, elderberry, echinacea, etc. as an immune booster. Modern science has found that the efficacy of ginger comes from its phytochemicals (Shogaol, Gingerol, Gingeron, etc.), which have excellent anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-viral effects…More information about the scientific evidence for the wisdom from our ancestors.

From Traditional herb stew to instant dietary supplements, more convenient health choices are available

 By extracting the functional ingredients in plants scientifically, the loss of nutrients during traditional stewing can be greatly reduced. Specifically designed for basic winter nutritional supplementation, raising body temperature, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and seasonal influenza, the compound extracts are meticulously formulated in a golden ratio in order to create a healthier and more convenient scientific herbal supplement. Hence, there’s no need to cook and wait long hours to get your desired nutrients….More information about the advantages of a new approach to health maintenance.

Wel-Bloom’s innovative development of Chinese herbal extract supplements

 Wel-Bloom incorporated traditional Chinese herbal extract to exclusively develop 4 supplement products with 4 distinct formulas for winter health maintenance: Supporting a stronger heart, Raising body temperature, Building a stronger body, and Promoting hydrated skin, giving you a holistic dietary approach to health maintenance.

 Designed exclusively for those who regularly eat out or have physical weakness, Wel-Bloom uses ginger, a common traditional Chinese herbal medicine whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven, as a base to develop a paste supplement that can be taken straight or as an instant drink. This herbal extract formula helps improve circulation in hands and feet by promoting energy production, improving blood flow, and raising core body temperature.

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