A New Trend in Functional Beverages!

Enhanced Capacity and Dosage Boost Satisfaction and Capture Attention.

Trends in the functional beverage market

In recent years, the market has witnessed a proliferation of functional beverages, offering a wide array of options such as energy drinks, collagen beverages, digestive enzymes, nutritional supplements, multivitamins, and even emerging stars like chicken essence, mushroom essence, and fish essence. Research predicts that the global functional beverage market will surpass 10 billion US dollars by 2029[1], attracting numerous manufacturers eager to claim a share of this valuable market. With efficacy and capacity differences playing a pivotal role, the economic concept of ‘marginal utility’ has become increasingly relevant. As a result, many health drink brands have expanded their product volumes to cater to consumer preferences for added satisfaction.


Expanding the volume isn’t merely about perception; it holds notable implications for supporting physiological functions. For example, certain nutrients like collagen and amino acids can offer added benefits when consumed within recommended limits. Consequently, vitamins such as D and B12, along with essential minerals like calcium and iron, as well as herbal supplements like ginseng, have followed suit, underscoring the significance of packaging capacity, dosage, and convenience for consumers.



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Meeting Market Demand, Launching the Large-Capacity Health Drink OEM Production Line

Limitless Potential of Supplement Pouches

Shaped-pouch health drinks, in contrast to canned containers, provide increased flexibility and hold greater growth prospects. The liquid pouch packaging market is expected to reach $13 billion by 2027, boasting a compound annual growth rate of 6.5%[2]. The main applications predominantly fall within the food category, with North America and Eurasia emerging as pivotal sales regions.


Innovative! Wel-Bloom Unveils Trendy and Functional Large-Capacity Liquid Pouch Packaging Technology

For years, Wel-Bloom has championed food-like dosage forms. We’ve introduced innovative, patented wine-bottle-shaped supplement pouches that have garnered acclaim from consumers in Europe and America for their stylish and elegant design. Now, building on our wealth of experience and technology, we’re meeting consumers’ preferences and seizing market opportunities by offering a 50ml large-capacity health drink aluminum pouch.


Committed to Stringent Food Safety Standards and Diversifying Flavor Options

The innovative aluminum liquid pouch packaging can be substituted with a heat-resistant pouch, suitable for sterilization using a 121°C autoclave. This pouch exhibits exceptional heat resistance and effectively shields its contents from light, humidity, and oxidation. Additionally, it eliminates the necessity to modify acidity to harmonize with the packaging, thereby expanding the realm of flavor possibilities. As a result, this packaging solution has gained significant popularity in both European and American markets.


Analyzing the Comprehensive – Convenient, Eco-Friendly, and Practical

Large aluminum pouches designed for health drinks provide substantial storage capacity while remaining lightweight. Their unique combination of easy accessibility and visually appealing design serves to captivate consumers. In contrast to bulkier, fragile glass or plastic bottles that prove cumbersome during travel, these pouches offer distinct advantages in terms of convenience and portability, making them an attractive choice for consumers.

From a manufacturing perspective, pouch-packaged health drinks streamline processing, curbing plastic usage and minimizing storage requirements. They provide a versatile array of display options for sales, can undergo high-temperature sterilization, and exhibit superior thermal conductivity compared to traditional canned beverages. This translates into a notable 30-40% reduction in energy consumption and diminished carbon emissions during transportation[3]. Importantly, their shelf life and effectiveness rival that of metal cans, offering a multitude of advantages in the process.

With a potent blend of ingredients in a generously sized package, it emerges as a compelling and innovative option within the realm of contemporary functional beverages.



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Recommended ingredients and new formula by Wel-Bloom are included. 
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