Don’t let embarrassment becoming a crisis.

Females’ urethra is closer to the anus comparing with male and this may easily contract UTI, possibly causing acute or recurrent cystitis and experiencing pain, frequent and urgent urination. This is a chain-reaction that the body is not be care for which consider as a crises for all females.

Females experience menopause during their 50’s and 1/3 of lifetime in a state of estrogen deficiency with preliminary hot flushes and insomnia with later may trigger urinary incontinence, osteoporosis and even cancer. Night sweats & mood swing? Cause of Menopause is Estrogen!Near 1/3 of lifetime in a state of estrogen deficiency.

Caring & Understanding you more than you do.

In pursuing a happy life both physical and psychological is equally important. Perception changes through time and comparing to treatment, females tends to pay attention to topics revolves with prevention. Recent years Gynecologists receives more enquiries on private hygiene that doctors have ignored……See professional advice and news to female health care.

Dr. Chen Pao-Jen

  • Adjunct Attending Physician of Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, National Taiwan University Hospital
  • Chairman of Taiwan Association of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Director of Dianthus MFM Clinic

Let us take care of your private beauty

4 overall health care foods developed by Wel-Bloom with Cranberries rich OPC combining natural plant extract, maintain intimate area healthy, skin stay moisturized and ameliorate bladder problems with the triple effects from “Romance”. Care more than others to reach the best care and change bacterial flora inside out.


Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech, health foods development expert in Taiwan.

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