The world has already entered the post-pandemic era. The customers’ demand for dietary supplement has been increasing rather than declining. Therefore, there are new supplement industry trends in 2021 appearing.

Consumer’s increasing health awareness has a great impact on the supplement industry trends 2021.

        According to Kanta Worldpanel, the dietary supplement market size is estimated to be 50 billion Taiwan dollars with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) at 8% and a 9% increase on average order value. Customers’ willingness to spend more on dietary supplements to strengthen their physical function and boost immunity drove the growth, leading to the average annual per capita consumption of supplements to six thousand and two hundred Taiwan dollars.

        Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dietary supplement market is expected to grow continuously with rising health awareness.

What supplements have become more trending in the supplement market in the post-COVID era?

        According to the market analysis that Grand View Research released in February, the demand for the supplements such as multivitamins, botanical supplements, protein supplements, energy supplements, and weight-loss supplements will keep increasing for another few years. The trends and the driving force are listed as the following:

  1. Multivitamins are the essential nutrients that literally everyone needs.
  2. The botanical supplements containing the ingredients such as monascus extract, turmeric extract, and black soybean extract are becoming more popular due to their certain therapeutic effects and the rising demand for natural products.
  3. The protein supplement is considered to have the most substantial growth. It is mainly because people nowadays are more focused on exercise, fitness, and physical strength.
  4. The weight-loss supplements are recently emphasizing their nutrient and trace element content such as adding extra dietary fiber and specific carbohydrates. These supplements are designed to help improve your overall health without harming your body.


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        The health awareness and demand for dietary supplements continue to significantly increase during the post-pandemic era. We strive to be the health consultant that evaluates the market demand for the brand owners and develops high-quality products that exceed customers’ expectations.

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