During HNC 2019, Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech first publicly announced their latest developed formulation, GET-WELL®, and has attracted the attention of the industry and broad feedback from the public. Liu, Ting-Ting, vice president of New business development section of Wel-Bloom, with a PhD degree of Physiology from University of Tokyo and obtain vast experiences in the field of medical and health care food, analyzed how ABO blood group system relates to the lesion of Helicobacter pylori and how GET-WELL® break-through Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), adopt in using bacteria in against each other to create the perfect stomach lining, bacterial flora and pH balance. This effectively increase protection of stomach lining up to 132% and allowing the gut to resume back to the very initial state of perfect balance, helping patient in ease the suffer of gastric ulcer.

Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech strives to implement the concept of bringing health care foods becoming a part of our daily life. Besides developing a patented platinum compound formulation, based on daily needs and in adopting GET-WELL® to develop four major health care food formulations in stomach protection; relief symptoms of hang-over, gastrointestinal protection, replenish of nutrient and strengthen of immunity.

Patented platinum compound GET-WELL® from Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech, is researched proven with stomach protection up to 132%.

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ALLWel-Bloom Bio-Tech initiates 2019 IoH. Platinum compound formulation GET-WELL®, an industry innovation and upgrade