【Top10 FAQs in the first meeting -Pt.02】
Dosage forms, approval of FDA, and free samples

Question 01: Can you do other dosage forms besides jelly?

We have 2 factories and several production lines which means WEL-Bloom can not only make jelly but also powder, drink, paste, capsule and tablet.


Question 02: Does your product get FDA approved?

After sign an ODM agreement and confirm the order, clients have to go to your local health authority for product registration before formal importing. If you wonder the safety and hygiene of whether the sample or finished product, we follow ISO and relevant international food specifications to produce.

Question 03: Can I get free sample?

For our existing samples, clients only need to bear the shipping fee. If you just want to try customized sample since you already have certain idea toward the product, we will charge a customized sample fee, and this is refundable with formal order deposit.

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Video《Top10 FAQs in the first meeting》Ep.2 – Dosage forms, FDA approved food supplements, and free samples