Monde Selection & iTQi – The World’s Leading Certification Organization

  • iTQi – The Flavor Guaranteed By World-Class Chefs & Sommeliers

        The International Taste Institute evaluates and certifies the taste of foods and drinks from around the world. Its jury is composed of over 200 renowned chefs and sommeliers who follow the strict blind-tasting methodology to avoid any scoring biases. Furthermore, the objective evaluation is performed according to the standard criteria – first impression, appearance, smell, taste, texture, and the aftertaste. Winning the awards means the ultimate recognition of creating high-quality products.

  • Monde Selection – High Quality Recognized By The Experts

        A panel of more than 70 eminent experts is gathered to conduct the quality evaluation on the diet and health products based on the six categories which include over 20 different parameters and the rigorous scientific methodology. Winning the Monde Selection Awards indicates the recognition of the excellent product quality.

Winning Both iTQi and Monde Selection Awards Was A Real Milestone!

        Our GlucoJoint Jelly receives iTQi Superior Taste Award 2021 and Monde Selection Gold Award. Winning both awards indicates the recognition of our strength in producing high-quality, flavorful products. Developing a food-like, effective, tasty, and nutritious dietary supplement is no doubt a remarkable achievement.

The Latest Trend of Tasty, Effective, and Nutritious Dietary Supplements  

        We have been dedicated to creating food-like, delicious supplements since day one. Based on many years of ODM/OEM experience and market observation, we came to realize that many children and the elderly refuse to take tablets or capsules due to their difficulty swallowing the pills. Nowadays, with the rising health awareness and the market of dietary supplements becoming more diverse, many consumers are wishing to purchase snack-like supplements. We developed FRESH Jelly® which is low in calories, flavorful, and convenient to carry. Furthermore, we have collected the patent functional ingredients from all over the world and designed new formulae based on customers’ preferences. Our innovative jelly supplements have earned a great reputation for their effectiveness, quality, and taste.

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