【Health Insights 15 -Pt.01】Don’t just prevent maskne! Acne indicates underlying health problems.

”Prevent maskne” probably has become one of the troubles in post-pandemic life. 

Do you know the new word “maskne”? It’s the combination of “mask” and “ance”. From the statistics of the market analysis and survey followed by, we can tell that the demand for skin health or skincare products to prevent maskne and acne only grows. The analysis of the acne treatment market from Grand View Research indicates that wearing face masks causes acne breakouts, driving the growth of anti-acne products including the oral skin supplements that promote starting the beauty from within. People are doing the best they could to prevent maskne. Furthermore, The global women’s health & beauty market size was estimated to be 49.8 billion US dollars in 2019 and continues to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.75% from 2020 to 2026 to reach 60 billion US dollars by 2026.

More and more people take notes of ”prevent maskne”. However, few know that acne actually shows many underlying health problems.

Here are the common problems of health conditions that cause acne.

  • Sleep Deprivation & High-Stress Level:

Sleeping late causes acne. Not getting enough sleep and having too much stress would cause the hormone imbalance which further leads to overproduction of sebum and thicker skin stratum corneum to create the breeding ground for acne.

  • Weak Digestive System & Constipation:

Acne can also be caused by digestive problems. Constipation enhances toxin accumulation and the growth of harmful bacteria which slow down your metabolism and interfere with the skin cell cycle, which eventually causes acne breakouts.

  • Nutritional Imbalance:

Having a deficiency in the vitamins and minerals required for healthy skin or excessive intake of fat and sugar could result in a thicker stratum corneum, poor skin texture, and overproduction of sebum, increasing the chance of acne development.

  • Oily Skin & Bacterial Multiplication:

As mentioned, long-time mask-wearing can cause trap humidity and causes oily skin, bacterial growth, and skin irritation, leading to maskne at the end.

  • Hormonal Imbalance and Changes:

Sometimes acne is caused by hormonal imbalance. As for women, the estrogen level rises before the menstrual cycle which causes overproduction of sebum. Therefore, it is more likely for them to have clogged pores and acne during menstruation. Young boys who experience high androgen levels are prone to developing acne.

Therefore, in order to deal with your acne at its source, it is highly recommended to eat healthily, get enough sleep, clean your face, practice relaxation, and take some supplements for suitable nutrition. Nowadays, more and more people wish to improve their skin health from the inside out by increasing skin metabolism and regulating sebum secretion to prevent maskne and acne formation.


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00:53-02:19 New market trends and consumer survey.
02:20-04:19 What health problems does acne indicate?
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Video【Health Insights 15 -Pt.01】Don’t just prevent maskne! Acne indicates underlying health problems.