【Health Insights 18】How to Make Red Yeast Rice Supplements More Acceptable?

The 3-layers coating technology converts red yeast rice supplements into daily snacks, which benefits the health care of heart disease.

Have you heard about red yeast rice? Its benefits may beyond your imagination. However, the most red yeast rice supplements are in capsule form. The pill-taking feeling make many people hard to receive. Wel-Bloom breakthrough production limitations with patented technology, Nutri-Crypt, changing supplements into tasty snacks!

【Episode Time Tags】

00:00-00:55 Intro
00:56-02:21 Knowledge and trends about red yeast rice
02:22-02:53 The reasons why the most of supplements are in capsule
02:54-03:33 Nutri-Crypt, the breakthrough in red yeast rice supplements
03:34-03:55 Outro

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VideoThe Technolodgy Makes Red Yeast Rice Supplement Tasty and Easy-Swallowing