In October 2021, Facebook dropped a bombshell, changing its name to Meta, and engaged in the metaverse. The subsequent development like NFT and the direction of the metaverse became the trending topic, and the market is estimated to reach the scale of US$800 billion in the next three years. The founder of Wel-Bloom Biotech received this news right when the company’s strategy just launched. As a biotech enterprise highly values innovative R&D, we view it as a new challenge to rethink how to make supplements blend into a new lifestyle of a new era.


For 22 years, Wel-Bloom Biotech has been at the forefront of the profession, technology, manufacturing process, and R&D in the supplement field. From being the first supplement manufacturer that has red yeast cardiovascular health food with a clinical trial certificate, and also the pioneer of nutritional function jelly in Taiwan, to the rapid acquisition of NSF-GMP certification when GMP was announced to be abolished.


We launched the ”Patented jelly” NFT valued at 1000 OSD. The owner can exchange for our jelly supplements the whole year-round. This NFT represents our important milestone within a thousand days, including getting the first jelly supplement patent in Taiwan, successfully gaining a health trial certificate for our red yeast cardiovascular health food, and rapidly obtaining NSF-GMP certification when GMP was abolished. Furthermore, this NFT stands for our global service footprint in 53 countries, and the respect for all kinds of creators (Each NFT has a digital identification for its creator.


On Christmas Day 2021, Wel-Bloom Biotech will launch the world’s first health food jelly NFT in a limited quantity. The owner could exchange jelly supplements for a whole year, hoping to help the owner maintain their daily health. In the end, we aim to make food-like untraditional supplement an excitement both in virtual or materiel world!


The future world can be beyond our imagination. In the past, people never thought that a self-driving car, which now is a rising trend, could be real. Never let our thoughts be limited. We hope to play a part in pushing the world towards.

ALLWel-Bloom Biotech—The world’s first dietary supplement enterprise to enter the metaverse and release NFT!