New products : Bulletproof COFFEE⁺

New products : Bulletproof COFFEE⁺

Bullet proof Gastral Guard Fiber Life
Well-Bloom’s 3 Patented ingredient make your diet happier and healthier!

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Impact of Obesity to health

According to research statistics, obesity is highly associated with many diseases, therefore, weight management has become an important

issue to pay attention to nowadays. People who have obesity are two to three times more risky to suffer from serious conditions than people

who have standard weight……To know more information about obesity to health,please contact us.

8 Health Conditions and Diseases related to Obesity

1.cancer 2.Diabete  3.Heart disease 4.High blood pressure 5.Chronic kindey disease

6.Liver disease and Cirrhosis 7.Brain and vascular disease 8.Chronic lower respiratory disease


Obesity is not just a health concern but also shows incredible market share!

The market size of “weight loss” has ranked as the top 1, and taken up 39.9% of the market share of the globes, then followed by “healthy

diet” of 26.2%. Weight loss market is estimated to be US$1.1 trillion per annum. The proportion of females is way much higher than males

due to females have higher awareness of appearance and health.Therefore,females have become the primary target customers in the food

supplement market…… To know more information about the expense of females,please contact us.


More Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet than You can Imagine!

Ketogenic Diet is a way of diet with high fat, adequate protein and low carbs to force body burning fat instead of carbs. While fat passing

through liver, kentone is produced by the liver to supply energy, which can inhibit the feeling of hunger in order to control body weight.

Apart from weight management, some researches have proved that ketogenic diet can also improve epilepsy, maintain energy, boost

immunity, lower the possibility to get alcoholic fatty liver, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome……To know more information about research statistics, please contact us.


The Upgrade Version – Bulletproof COFFEE +

Wel-Bloom’s 3 Patented ingredient make your diet happier and healthier:

Although bulletproof coffee is highly recommended to be used, however, the existing products in the market are to increase the oil intake,

which make stomach emptying time longer, and induces digestive disorders such as indigestion,diarrhea, constipation and heart burn.

COFFEE+ is formulated with 3 patented ingredients to acheive a greater sense of satiety while preventing from exhaustion and hunger.

Let weight loss become healthier and easier!

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