Calcium Supplement OEM/ODM

Calcium Supplement OEM/ODM

Choose the raw materials :Calcium lactate,Calcium carbonate,vitamin D……
Please request for quotation if you wish to use other ingredients for your product. 
We will contact you immediately.
Choose the product dosage :FRESH-Jelly,Drink,Powder,Capsule,Tablet,Paste
Products are made in :Taiwan
We can assist customers to apply:Taiwan supplement food approve, Import permit of registration,
                Halal certification, China supplement food approve & register,
                FDA certification, China supplement food approval


Do you want to have strong bones? Don’t assume that osteoporosis only happens to elderly.
Eating an unbalanced diet and eating fast food can lead to calcium loss, both old and young adults could have calcium loss.
“Calcium” is what everyone needs. It’s not only related to bone health, it also closely related to nerve conduction, cell signaling, intellectual development and endocrine balance.
In order to prevent rapid loss of calcium, in addition to calcium intake via daily diet, it can also be supplemented with health supplement to reduce the loss of calcium


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