Vol17: The world is blanketed under a shroud of PM2.5. New air pollution control act by Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corp

Air pollution affects the world with 9 out 10 people is unable to breathe fresh air

Air pollution is one of the most high-profile environmental issues in the world in recent years, more than 90% of the world’s people live in an air-polluted environment and 9 out of 10 people in the world are breathing toxic air daily. With long-term exposure under air polluted environment causes harm to people’s health. Amongst all, the extent of air pollution hazards in developing countries is 4 to 5 times in comparison to developed countries … and the death factor of 7 million people around the globe is due to air pollution.

How PM2.5 particles in air pollutants penetrate the body and cause major problems

PM2.5 microns refers to fine particulate matter and the diameter is less than 1/28. PM2.5 crosses the alveolar membrane and enters the blood then the blood circulation carries the toxic substances to areas within the body. The biggest impact is a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease with toxic substances in the body causing blood clots, blood vessels blockage, vascular hardening, chronic inflammation of the body and triggers hypertension, stroke, heart disease and etc…… Amongst the top 10 death factors in Taiwan, there are 7 factors related to air pollution.

PM2.5 is pervasive. Nutritional health care against air pollution hazards

Long-term exposure under an air-polluted environment produces various damages to the body. Therefore Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech targets the harms the air pollution does to the body is searching for relevant raw materials, such as vitamin B complex, Quercetin, Lungwort and etc. With tests proven that it all helps to reduce the harm air pollution does to the human body … Learn more about the raw materials associated with combating air pollution.

Lung treatment, relieve allergies and resist air pollution. Adult and children all need to be taken care of

Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech has seen the global air pollution causing health problems and with using lungwort, vitamin B complex, and Quercetin these three anti-air pollution raw materials as the base,

developed different formulations for both adults and minors. To eliminate the threat of air pollution towards our health, together with you in join hands enter the health food market for respiratory tract health care.


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edmVol17 : The world is blanketed under shroud of PM2.5. New air pollution control act by Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corp