Natural NMN Supplements Gaining Global Attention as the Secret to Youth!


A Nationwide Movement: Citizens Unite to Nourish and Strengthen Their Bodies for a Healthy Future

As time passes and people age, “aging” has become a widespread concern. Modern issues like heavy work pressure and unbalanced nutrition contribute to premature aging. Whether it’s young people eager to preserve their youthful looks, middle-aged individuals searching for anti-aging secrets, or seniors determined to defy time’s effects, everyone is seeking ways to delay the aging process.


Booming Prospects Ahead for the NMN Supplement Market

According to IMARC Group, the global anti-aging market grew by 6.5% in 2023, and is projected to reach a scale of $98.6 billion by 2028.[1] Additionally, data from China’s 618 shopping festival in 2022 reveals that 28% of Generation Z (born after 2000) have begun using anti-aging products, indicating a growing influence of the younger generation in this market.[2] As awareness of anti-aging spreads, people aspiring to healthy aging are increasingly focused on self-care, prompting the health industry to intensify its research on anti-aging products. Studies indicate that NMN can boost cellular energy and assist in cellular repair, contributing to overall health and body strength.[3]



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Natural-source NMN Supplements in Focus:
Decoding Its Commercial Potential, Efficacy, and Regulations


What is NMN? Analyzing NMN Efficacy and Market Trends

NMN acts as a precursor for synthesizing NAD+, known to regulate physiological functions and boost metabolism. Due to the instability of NAD+, it can only be acquired through NMN conversion, not direct supplementation. As a result, NMN-based skincare and health products have emerged in the market, rapidly gaining popularity. The market value is projected to increase from $280 million in 2022 to $496 million by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 10%.[4]


NMN benefits are marketed to enhance youthfulness and support health maintenance, earning recognition in prestigious journals such as Science[5], Nature[6], and Cell[7]. NMN benefits have also gained endorsements from eight Nobel Prize winners and attracted investments from notable figures including Warren Buffett, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and Hong Kong’s wealthiest person, Li Ka-shing,[8] underscoring significant business potential.


Global Discussions Heat Up Over Diverse NMN Regulations

The timeless allure of NMN has captured the attention of the health industry. However, scientific research has not yet determined an optimal recommended intake, and to address societal concerns, NMN regulations vary across nations. In the United States, the FDA has specified that NMN cannot be used as a food ingredient and must undergo evaluation as a drug.[9] In Taiwan, chemically synthesized NMN production, sale, and import/export are strictly prohibited.


Despite limitations in synthetic NMN extraction and production, this compound is naturally found in foods like yeast extract, broccoli, and avocados. To comply with regulations in Taiwan, products cannot be labeled or marketed as containing synthetic NMN ingredients. Instead, they are labeled with terms such as ‘yeast extract,’ ‘broccoli extract,’ and ‘avocado extract.’ Therefore, consumers should carefully review NMN product labels to verify their source and composition. For products sourced from non-natural origins, seeking professional advice is recommended. Wel-Bloom has a longstanding commitment to promoting healthy aging, crafting revitalizing products from widely embraced natural-source NMN supplements, and exploring diverse applications.



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