Experiencing a Day in the Life of Wel-Bloom’s CEO

The Daily Vlog of a CEO in the Supplement Industry

Welcome to our new series: WB Vlog! Have you ever been curious about what a CEO eats in the morning, how busy a CEO can be, or how a CEO interacts with their employees? In our first episode, we’ll show you a typical day of Alex Liao, our General Manager. Watch as he skillfully navigates the busy and challenging waters of the health industry.

【Episode Time Tags】

00:00 Start of the workday! First stop at the Zhongli factory
02:15 Welbloom’s Zhongli factory Opening ceremony
02:53 Second stop: Heading to the Zhonghe factory
04:15 Welbloom’s Zhonghe factory Opening ceremony
04:33 Welbloom’s Taipei Head Office Opening ceremony
05:09 Lunch meeting with employees
06:08 receive distinguished guests in the afternoon & office routine
07:44 Thoughts on the employees
10:32 Off work

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【Basic Information】

Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation is a nutraceutical manufacturer certified with NSF-GMP, ISO, HACCP, and Halal. We provide comprehensive services including market analysis, formula customization, supply chain integration, quality assurance, educational product training, and assistance in certificate application. As a Taiwan Health Food Expert, We can be your right choice of the supplement manufacturer.


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VideoA Day in the Life of a Health Supplement Company CEO: Alex Liao