(According to health advertising regulations, words about the efficacy and personal information are covered by mosaic.)

  Covid-19 is continuing to spread around the world in 2021. During this period, Welbloom Biotech has committed to developing and manufacturing health supplements as before. When a cold current came at the end of the Christmas season, we received the most heart-warming Christmas gift, a thank-you letter, from an end consumer. It approves the core value, “our products make customers better.” the founder has upheld for many years, encouraging our co-workers a lot.

  Welbloom Biotech has specialized in the supplement field for over 20 years. We insist on designing the most suitable formula to meet the needs of each client. To develop high-quality products, we strictly control all the service processes, including raw material selection, regulation application, ethnic physiological characteristics research, nutrition and disease study, and innovative dosage form development. Furthermore, we always stuck to our promise of no added preservatives and artificial colors, making delectable and easy-swallowing supplements with maximum ingredient activity.

  Last but not least, We hope to contribute to promoting MIT(Made-in-Taiwan) worldwide through innovative dosage, promoting “food-like untraditional supplements” constantly to achieve the ideal of whole-person health. At present, the supplements made by Welbloom Biotech have been sold abroad in 53 countries, bringing healthy lives for over a hundred million people.

  Our corporate customers have identified with the hard work we paid in these years since we always back them up. It is exciting for all the colleagues of Welbloom Biotech to receive encouragement from overseas consumers! Every word of trust and gratitude motivate us to keep moving forward and make us firmly believe that our core value will eventually achieve a “healthy” cycle.

  Thanks to all our partners who have grown with Welbloom Biotech, we will continue to be the driving force of global “food-like untraditional supplements.” We aim at bringing more benefits and health to the world by innovating, exploring the effectiveness, and creating diversified and delicious health food based on MIT inter-net of health (Multifunction, Innovation, and Total Solution).

ALLThanks for your support! Welbloom Biotech won’t forget its initial self.