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Talks about FRESH-Jelly™, new functional Jelly dosage


The booming and rising of global dietary supplement foods market


Transparency Market Research estimates that the global dietary supplement foods market will grow at an annual  CAGR of 7.3% from 2015 to 2021, reaching $279 billion by 2021. Amongst the functional food market scale as high as 31%. Currently even with the market focus on North America, but in the future with the rapid growth of the Asian-pacific markets (especially in China and India), it shall become global second largest dietary supplement foods market.

As the global population transcends an aging society and with the ever-growing of medical expenses on lifestyle disease (obesity, diabetes), sports fitness and healthy weight loss becomes a popular trend and expect in becoming the key driving force in accelerating consumers to purchase dietary supplement foods products.

Amongst the total dietary supplement foods output value of NT$71.6 billion in Taiwan in 2015:  Lactic acid bacteria: +/- NT$8.2 billion, fermented foods or metabolite product: +/- NT$3.9 billion, fungal metabolites products: +/- NT$5.7 billion, algae products: +/- NT$2 billion, botanical product: +/- NT$12.3 billion, grain products: +/- NT$11.5 billion, health oil products: +/- NT$3.6 billion, animal-sourced products: +/-NT$6.8 billion.

Other types of dietary supplement foods products such as capsules, tablets, sugar-free chewing gums, sports drinks, vitamins or minerals, functional drinks, oligosaccharides, and special nutritional dietary supplement foods products are estimated at NT$176 billion.

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Referring to domestic dietary supplement foods products to estimate an output value, drinks accounted as the largest item with 42% and other general food types (Instant grain powder/flake drinks, milk powder, cooking oil, tea bags, coffee, candy, chewing gum, vinegar drinks, noodles and etc.) are around 23%. As a result, the output value of traditional edible-type products contributes around 65% with capsule or tablet sitting at 22%.

Emerge of a new form of dietary supplement foods-How it’ll merge into our daily life

Although capsule and tablet remain as the main dosage type in the dietary supplement foods market, according to a survey that in recent years dosage type has gradually broken away from capsule and table forms with gradually develop and expanding towards more dynamic functional food type. Amongst all, conventional dosage form such as powder, liquid, and jelly becomes the newest trend and gradually the trend of health.


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Analysis of consumer susceptibility to common tablet, capsule and FRESH-Jelly ™ are as follows:

Item Tablet Capsule FRESH-Jelly™
Absorption speed: Absorption effects are limited for people with poor digestion. About 20-30 minutes absorption starts. Exclusive aqueous complex substrate distributes the health factors evenly, allowing the body to absorb better.
Is it easy to swallow: Psychological stress on people with dysphagia. Psychological stress on people with dysphagia. The taste is smooth and easy to swallow.
Dosage Volume of dosage can contain is unlimited. Volume of dosage can contain is limited. The taste is smooth and easy to swallow.
Flavor Tablet with bitter and strong taste can be ameliorated with the outer layer of film coated tablet. Capsule with bitter and strong taste can be ameliorated with the outer layer of the capsule. The best choice for people who pay attention to taste.

Source: Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech

Three ingredients in general dosage forms and addable volume of FRESH-Jelly ™.

Dietary supplement foods newest trend – FRESH-Jelly™

Dietary supplement food is not the same as medical drugs. The biggest difference is that drugs are made of mostly in synthetic chemicals and dietary supplement food is a collection of natural foods. How to not add preservatives, colors, etc. in the manufacturing process while maintaining the active ingredient active and maintaining the highest standard has always being what Wel-Bloom being focused on.

Referring the jelly dosage form as an example to be discussed later in this article, in the standard production of jelly form problems such as hydration, gelatinization, layering and curing with stable compatibility of various characteristic of nutrients and etc. will be experienced. Simultaneously active ingredients can’t be proper preserved under high temperature sterilization and without preservatives added it leads to food safety concerns. Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech spent over two years through continuous innovated experiments, to maintain the stability of functional jelly and ensure that without adding preservatives it can completely pass microbial safety test, and that the taste and active functions can be evenly preserve the nature of botanical specifications. All relative research and efforts devoted is finally presented in the exclusive Tri-Safe™ technology, FRESH-Jelly™.


FRESH-Jelly™, A new type of jelly dosage form of dietary supplement foods that Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech that has spent over two years in research and developing, overcome various problems of other standard bio-technology manufactures would encounter in producing jelly dosage form. As today, FRESH-Jelly™ market region has spread across over Asia, Northern America and more than 10 countries.



Tri-Safe™, an exclusive technology of Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech

  The exclusive Tri-Safe™ technology developed by Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech having FRESH-Jelly™ to be without any preservatives. A unique base protection film that adopt with materials in multiple layers that effectively isolates UV light oxygen, fully protects the activity of the active ingredients. The special aqueous substrates composed with natural plant substances giving dietary supplement factors to be evenly distributed in maximizing absorption by the human body. Breaking through the restriction of conventional dosage type has and targeting different dietary supplement needs in combine active ingredients with the highest volume that, maintain the formulation at highest activity and this is proven via a stand-alone certified authority.  In simultaneously preserving the ideal flavor of plant extract and to reach the safety standard at the highest regulation, FRESH-Jelly™ gives you healthy results with the best taste and enjoy it concern free.

FRESH-Jelly™ functional jelly from Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech focuses on various customer groups, it’s a soft, sparkling, attractive and body slimming supplement foods that is enjoyed by both adult and children.

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