2022 Wel-Bloom Efficacy Platform:

Formula to Combat Macular Eye Problems


  According to the data, young people will become a group with a high risk of developing macular eye problems. This is rather sad. Hence, the Wel-Bloom Biotech Efficacy Platform is dedicated to providing nutritional and innovative foods with better absorption to combat eye care macular degeneration. 

 The 2022 Wel-Bloom Biotech Efficacy Platform has officially launched the newly developed Nu-Fusion® Bright eye care formula. This nutritious and efficient formula is composed of 7 key ingredients for comprehensive vision care and is available in different liquid dosage forms.
For better absorption and bioavailability in human bodies, Nu-Fusion® ultra-micronization technology micronizes the particle size of the ingredients. That way, the nutrients available in the formula can easily be used in the body for eye health.

 To verify the actual effectiveness of the Nu-Fusion® Bright eye care formula, a total of 30 colleagues and their relatives of all ages whose eyes were dry, itchy, sore, red, bloodshot, blurred, having a foreign body sensation and sticky secretion were invited as testees by the dedicated efficacy platform. The optical Zeiss equipment from Germany was used to measure the macular pigment density of the participants. The somatosensory questionnaire and test report showed that the average rating of self-perceived eye discomfort was generally low. However, the average self-perceived eye discomfort was lower in participants aged 20–29 than in other ages. Average macular pigment density was lowest in all ages. The lower the macular pigment density, the less pigmented the macula is, and the higher the chance of future macular degeneration.

 Overseas studies have reported that macular pigment density decreases with age after 55 years of age[1]. However, there is no direct correlation between macular pigment density and age increase from 18-50 years of age[2], while the age of macular degeneration continues to drop[3].

 It is speculated that one of the main reasons is the prevalence of 3C products, which increases the chance of long-term exposure to blue light. Moreover, more and more children have access to cell phones before they go to school. According to a report from Common Sense[4], nearly 48% of U.S. children ages 0–8 own their own electronic devices, and the average age of mobile phone ownership in Taiwan is 10.1 years old[5]. Allowing children to have early access to cell phones may lead to the early aging of children’s eyes.


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children aged 0-8 have electronic devices


 According to the National Health Survey reports, the percentage of people over 12 years old with any one of the following vision conditions: high myopia, color blindness, hyperopia, cataract, glaucoma, presbyopia, mosquito flying, age-related macular degeneration, myopic macular degeneration, unexplained macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other eye diseases is 81.3%, with 82.5% for 18–24-year-olds and 84.7% for 40–64-year-olds, both of which are higher than the other age groups. This also raises the alarm about eye health problems among young people.[6]

 The above information, coupled with the data of eye examinations by the Wel-Bloom Biotech efficacy platform, shows that macular eye problems are fast reaching younger generations, and eye care has become a pressing issue with the advent of the 3C generation.

 Wel-Bloom Biotech will continue to track the scores of dry eyes and changes in the macular density of the testees to verify the efficacy of the Nu-Fusion® Bright eye care formula and provide consumers with safer and more effective health supplements.

The Wel-Bloom Biotech Dedicated Efficacy Platform has officially launched and is set to offer nutritious foods with better absorption that combat eye care macular degeneration!


[6] National Health Interview Survey, 2017. Ministry of Health and Welfare.


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