The Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TTDARES) spent 9 years cultivating a new variety of Roselle “Taitung No. 6- Black Crystal”. Its anthocyanin content is 7.7 times higher than the currently marketed variety Taitung No. 3 and higher than bilberry, black currant, and blueberry. This plant has earned the title of the “King of Anthocyanins”. According to the research of Chung Shan Medical University, the anthocyanins in plants like Roselle offer numerous health benefits, such as anti-oxidation, skin beauty, anti-inflammation, and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, leukemia and colon cancer, etc. It may also effectively help lower blood lipids. Therefore, Roselle tea is quite popular among health-conscious people. Apart from being anthocyanin-rich, Roselle has high levels of flavonoids and polyphenols and is often used as a dietary supplement.


Taitung No.6- Black Crystal Roselle contains more anthocyanins than other crops earning it the title of “King of Anthocyanins”



 In order to increase the anthocyanin content in Roselle, the TTDARES used a strain with anthocyanin-rich calyx as the mother and a strain with upright plants and tightly arranged calyx as the father for crossbreeding, and the later generations were separated and selected by the hybrid method. Finally, the target traits were selected and fixed from the eighth generation. The anthocyanin content of Black Crystal Roselle is 7.7 times higher than the commercially available variety. Unlike the dark red Roselle on the market, it presents an elegant and introverted deep purple, making it a new variety with higher quality and more potent ingredients.



 Wel-Bloom Biotech has obtained technical authorization from the Council of Agriculture to cultivate and propagate “Taitung No. 6 – Black Crystal Roselle” in order to improve Taiwan’s healthcare industry and promote the use of local raw materials. We partnered with a Taitung elite farmer selected as Top Hundred Young Farmers to successfully cultivate high-quality Black Crystal Roselle by adopting the natural agriculture method, a higher standard planting method than organic cultivation. The Foresight Lab of Wel-Bloom developed exclusive extraction technology and collaborated with National Taiwan University to repeatedly verify a number of efficacy indicators through rigorous cell assays on the efficacy platform. These efforts have led to the successful launch of Wel-bloom Wel-ROS6™, a dietary ingredient suitable for versatile formulation and application. From the farm to the global market, from the research & development to the finished product, Wel-Bloom attentively takes care of the whole process. Wel-ROS6TM is produced in the class 10,000 cleanroom, the same standard for pharmaceutical production. The complete traceability record is also produced with the integrated ERP system. Wel-ROS6TM is expected to make waves in the beauty and healthcare market.


 Through the development of Wel-ROS6™, Wel-Bloom Bio-tech not only hopes to enhance the quality and efficacy of Black Crystal Roselle but also increase its added value and expand its applications by using the patented technology of “food-like dosage form”. This has allowed Black Crystal Roselle to be transformed into a whole-body health product with global market potential, poised to become the next pride of Taiwan!


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ALLThe King of Anthocyanins – Black Crystal Roselle, Wel-Bloom Bio-tech Is Putting Taiwan Agriculture Produce in the Global Health Care Arena!