Consumers today are more aware than ever of the importance of food safety and food quality and are paying close attention to the hygiene and safety of food production processes. At WEL-BLOOM Bio-TECH, we understand the significance of food safety and quality. Hence, we have made it our mission to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and completely safe for consumption.


 We have implemented strict controls throughout the entire production process, from raw materials and equipment to packaging, to minimize the risk of food hazards. In 2007, we obtained ISO22000 certification, an internationally recognized standard for food safety management systems. We also go above and beyond this standard by adopting the even more rigorous food safety requirements of Costco, the well-known American warehouse chain, as our audit standard. This means that we are held to a higher standard than current regulations in Taiwan.


 One key component of our commitment to food safety is our use of advanced food metal detection technology. The general standard for metal detection in food production requires the detection to be conducted at the beginning and end of the production line. However, Costco requires facilities to perform documented detector challenges at an interval of two hours to ensure that products are free of physical contaminants. Although the requirement increases the complexity of food processing, it guarantees a higher level of food safety and quality.


 Harry Liu, Wel-Bloom’s deputy factory director, explained that contaminants may enter the production line through raw materials or workers. In order to reduce the risk of food hazards caused by mixing metallic foreign objects, all production lines at WEL-BLOOM, regardless of whether they produce jelly, powder, or beverages, undergo equipment inspections before the filling process. The staff is also required to record the inspection process to ensure that machine parts are not mixed with the product during production. Metal detection is especially established as a critical control point (CCP) to minimize the risk of contamination. The metal detector can identify and eliminate copper, iron, and non-ferrous metallic contaminants in food. The two-step confirmation ensures that the products delivered to our clients are 100% safe.


Since the metal detector is not standard equipment in food factories, we asked Harry to make a special introduction to the machine.




 At WEL-BLOOM, we understand the importance of food safety and are committed to maintaining rigorous standards in each production process. Our goal is to ensure that each client can confidently hand over the responsibility of production to us.


 We welcome brand owners to join us in creating a new, profitable market for healthcare products. By implementing food metal detection technology and strict adherence to food safety requirements, Wel-Bloom will continue to be the gatekeeper of food quality and food safety.


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ALLAdvanced Food Metal Detection for Strict Control of Food Safety at WEL-BLOOM Bio-TECH