We have been non-stop striving for breakthrough innovation such as creating different formulae, developing dosage forms, and obtaining the patents from all over the world since we stepped into health food industry 22 years ago. In order to achieve high quality, we have not only become one of the few NSF-GMP certified factories in Taiwan, but also been winning the Monde Selection Gold Award for four years and the National Biotechnology and Medicine Care Quality Award.

In addition to manufacturing health food, we are also working on nutritional supplement box packaging design. We have come up with the unique 3D motion design, adding additional value to the product.

We launched the NMN Supplement Series based on the growing demand for anti-aging and longevity with the innovative 3D vision concept. The letters displayed on the boxes are S, M, and F respectively, which represent Senior, Male, and Female. Furthermore, we have designed the product in three different dosage forms in accordance with the specific needs from different groups of customers.


Swallowing difficulty is a more common condition among seniors; therefore, we believe that paste is the most appropriate dosage form. As for the interior packaging, the color orange symbolizes warmth and good health, wishing our customers eternal health.


Based on our observation, men tend to go for the quick, easy, and convenient health-boosting supplements to keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle. Therefore, small sachets of powder are designed for people who are always on the go. We choose blue for the interior packaging to deliver the message of precision and convenience, matching with the customers’ characteristics.


Many women pursue self-development nowadays. For females, we develop this product in Fresh Jelly – our patent dosage form with 3D fashion design. This product is not only flavorful, but also effective with the highest possible percentage of ingredient activity being retained. We choose hot pink which represents femininity, romance, and tenderness for the interior packaging, matching the modern women’s lifestyle.

We are determined to be customers’ first choice by striving for better innovation and providing professional customer service.

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ALLWel-Bloom Bio-Tech – The Countless Awards Winner! The First-Ever 3D Motion Supplement Box Packaging Design Makes A Debut In 2021 !