Private label destress supplement manufacturing

Private label destress supplement manufacturing

  • Mood booster
  • Relieve depression

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The introduction on our private label destress supplement manufacturing.

Why private label detress supplement manufacturing is becoming a popular category? 

According to the statistics reported by WHO in 2017, more than 320 million people worldwide were suffering from depression. Depression is also a major contributor to suicide deaths, which number was greater than 800 thousand per year. However, less than half seek medical treatment and the rate of patients with depression seeking medical help is even lower than 30 percent in the low-income countries. Among the total number of patients with depression across the globe, nearly half live in Asian and Pacific regions with these two regions having larger populations respectively. Therefore, depression is an issue needed to face up to, regardless of whether the country is developing or developed. All the individuals suffering from depression around the world are sharing another tendency in common, which the prevalence is higher in women possibly because of their lifestyle and hormone fluctuations. The manufacturing demand for white label stress relief supplements has also increased gradually during these years.

Depression is more than just feeling down, it is truly one mental disorder caused by brain abnormalities. Thus, it is especially important to take nutritional supplements for mental care that could promote relaxation, eliminate anxiety, produce more neurotransmitters, and maintain the happy chemicals in the body, which allows you to stay happy and healthy.


To learn more about depression, please check out Vol.19-Face Up To The Mental Disorder That Should Not Be Neglected – Depression-Part One


Recommend ingredients for the customized stress relief supplement formula.

  • Saffron extract
  • Sesamin
  • Lemon Beebrush extract
  • Glycine
  • GABA
  • Tryptophan
  • Apocynum cannabinum extract…….etc

If you wish to know more raw materials to adjust the formula for your private label destress supplement manufacturing services, please contact us!

4D Anti-Depressant Drink Supplements are for people who experience depression and anxiety.


Wel-Bloom’s supplements are offered six different types of dosage: 

Beautiful sachet design templates are available for you to choose from, or you can design your own sachet.


Your custom product manufacturer.

Welbloom is a dietary manufacturer that provides supplement manufacturing services. As for creating market differentiation, our exclusive technologies increase the dosage application for vitamins allowing you to launch unique products. Furthermore, our factories have been certified by SGS, NSF-GMP, and HALAL, proving our production quality. Last but not least, our professional R&D team has developed various Monde selection awarded formulas, assuring the product’s effectiveness.



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