Match Q Anti-Aging Drink

Match Q Anti-Aging Drink

The amount of resveratrol in Anti-Aging Drink is equivalent to 688 glasses of red wine contains, it can prevent us from getting cardiovascular disease.

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resveratrol, Acerola Extract, Grape extract

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Anti-Aging Health Supplement Drink


Maintain skin hydration, reduce tumor formation, and prevent cardiovascular disease.

  • Improve immunity system, prevent bacteria infection and cancer growth.
  • Prevent skin damage from UV radiation. High antioxidative ability to help reduce liver inflammation.
  • Enhance elasticity of vascular tissue and reduce blood cholesterol. Prevent hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular disease.
  • Prevent free radicals from damaging eyes, enhance visual function and prevent night blindness.
  • Rich in antioxidant, essential fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, which helps promote cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol, and boost digestive health.
  • Prevent melanin formation due to UV radiation, reduce collagen loss, and clearing free radicals to maintain healthy skin.


Our Beauty is Destroyed

Our beauty may be destroyed by these problems: staying up late, smoking, bad dietary habit, work pressure, UV light damage…and so on.
And the free radicals damage the skin and make everyone old. Wel-bloom’s Antioxidant Drink can solve this problem!



Why Do We Grow Old? 

When free radicals is larger than antioxidant in our body, our oxidation is damaged. 

Resveratrol help you live better

  • It contains 200mg Resveratrol in every sachet, which is equivalent to 688 glasses of red wine.
  • It can reduce water loss from skin, and help skin keep hydrating.
  • It has antioxidant function which can clean free radicals, improve immunity and inhibit tumor formulation.
  • It helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, for example, Antithrombotic, Vasodilation, atherosclerosis.

6 Important Benefits of Anti-Aging Drink

1. Tasty Flavor – Anti-Aging Drink is flavored with fresh grape juice, we provide a tasty solution to stay young without swallowing pills and capsules. 

2. Natural – Our natural ingredients come from well certified product provider with clinical study and research paper.

3. Protect Cardiovascular – The amount of resveratrol in Anti-Aging Drink is equivalent to 688 glasses of red wine contains, it can prevent us from getting cardiovascular disease.

4. Antioxidant – Anti-Aging Drink contains 8 kinds of anti-oxidative foods, it can help us to reverse damage from free radical. It makes healthy life way easier to achieve. 

5. Back to Youth – Anti-Aging Drink can makes your skin more moisture and reduce wrinkles within a month. It makes you become younger from inside out.

6. Unique Patented Package – Anti-Aging Drink is packed wth our unique patneted package with beautiful designed shape, it’s easy to tear up and also a handy design that is convenient to have it anywhere, anytime. 


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