Match Q Skin Whitening Paste

Match Q Skin Whitening Paste

The Glutathione in BE FAIR whitening paste can help you decrease dim skin and prevent free radicals. 

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Glutathione, Vitamin C
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BE FAIR Skin Whitening Paste Supplement

  • Reduce skin damage from UV radiation effectively.
  • Inhibit damage from free radicals and reactive oxygen species, reduce melanin formation. Inhibit spots formation.
  • Liver detoxification and enhance immune system.
  • High anti-oxidative ability to delay skin aging.
  • Promote skin whitening and collagen production.


We can’t turn back the clock, but we can keep our skin in perfect times. 

The reasons of aging 

UV rays, natural aging, and oxidative stress will affect our skin making our body aging. 

The Damage of Skin from UV Light and Sun

There are 3 types of UV rays, UVA, UVB, UVC from the sunlight. UVC can be completely absorbed by Ozone layer. However, UVB rays have short wavelengths and penetrate the outer layers of the skin called epidermis. UVB damages skin cells and causes DNA mutations that can eventually lead to skin cancer.   UVA rays have longer wavelengths and can penetrate deeper than UVBs, right to the inner layer called dermis. UVA damages the collagen and elastin in the skin, causes wrinkles, also generates free radicals. When your skin senses UV rays from the sun, it produces skin pigment melanin to protect itself, and this is the substance that makes your skin get darker. But skin darkening is also a sign of damage to the skin.

6 Important Benefits of BE FAIR Whitening Paste

1. Tasty Flavor – BE FAIR whitening paste is flavored with fresh peach juice, we provide a tasty solution to become white rather than swallowing pills and capsules. 

2. Natural – Our natural ingredients come from well certified product provider with clinical study and research paper.

3. Whitening – The Glutathione in BE FAIR whitening paste can help you decrease dim skin and prevent free radicals. 

4. Prevent Dart Spot – The tomato essence and Vitamin C in BE FAIR whitening paste is the best material to lighten the dark spot on your face.

5. Tri-SAFE™ – We use the unique technology Tri-SAFE™ to maintain the maximum active performance. Our top-level safety standars give peace of mind.

6. Easy Carry – BE FAIR whitening paste has a unique formulation with beautiful designed and hand carry package, it’s easy to have it anywhere, anytime, makes you shine from the inside out.


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