Private label Pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements

Pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements -Private label

Breastfeeding supplement clears mammary glands allows all mothers to provide nutritional supplements to their babies with comfort and ease.

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Why do females have a higher demand for pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements?

The changes in social value cause people to either delay marriage or wish to achieve financial stability prior to pregnancy, leading to an increase in childbearing age. Women’s mean age of first-time pregnancy has reached 30 and above; however, both international and domestic medical literature indicates that the ideal age of pregnancy is 25. Delayed childbearing makes it harder for women to get pregnant and escalate the chance of infertility.

The low fertility rate and delayed childbearing are the key factors driving the growth of the mother and baby care market, including breastfeeding vitamins. It is shown that parents are more devoted to their newborns and upcoming children. Even though Taiwan is one of the countries that have the lowest fertility rate in the world, the families in Taiwan are willing to do anything to ensure a healthy pregnancy and the growth of their babies, and the development of embryos. The revenue growth of the mother and baby care market continues to increase annually and expectant parents are more willing to try the products advertised as promoting a healthy pregnancy.

As a powder supplement manufacturer, Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech develops breastfeeding powder supplements for pregnant women to take based on the trimesters and their different conditions. 


To know more about the global maternity care market, please check out Vol.22-The Phenomenon Of Declining Fertility Rates In Modern Society Continues To rising! The Maternity Care Market Is Booming!-Part One


Raw material options for private label pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements.

  • DHA
  • B-glucan
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Lecithin
  • Fenugreek
  • Collagen……..etc

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Breastfeeding Powder Supplements are for breastfeeding mothers with low milk supply, plugged duct, and saggy breast.

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