Private label Low calorie and high protein souffle snacks

Private label Low calorie and high protein souffle snacks

This low calories and high protein souffle can help prevent sarcopenia, high blood sugar, and other muscle problems.

  • Increase muscle quality
  • Increase muscle power
  • Protect muscle tissue
  • The lowest calories in Sugar Alcohol
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Boost the immune system

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It’s a muscle disease. Malnutrition and low exercise can lead to Sarcopenia. Sarcopenia not only causes muscle strength to decline and muscle function reduced, but also affects the quality of life.



OFFICE WORKERS work in front of the computer for a long time. Poor sitting posture and less exercise cause muscle loss or bone degeneration


Take a look at this muscle chart. The X-axis represents the age, and the Y-axis shows the muscle strength. As can be seen from the green line and red line, the muscle strength has started to decline from its maintain peak. As age increases, the muscle strength goes down constantly.



Soybean protein    increase muscle quality

Whey protein       increase muscle power

BCAA+ soy protein   protect muscle tissue

Erythritol         the lowest calories in Sugar Alcohol

Dietary fiber      stabilize blood sugar

Lynside Forte Bus    boost the immune system


STEP 1 Put product into a small bowl(or paper cup)

STEP 2 Pour cold water and mix it

STEP 3 Put product into the oven

STEP 4 High heat 1 minute

STEP 5 Have a nice tea time in the office!


  • 30-50 grams per pack
  • One pack at a time, once or twice a day
  • Consult with your doctor if you are special patient
  • Leave it in a dry and cool place


The process of making high protein souffle is easy

Eating not only burns energy but also cumulates energy. The body burns more calories than other foods when digesting protein.

Protein can stimulates the body and secretes hormones that give the brain a sense of satiety: PPY, which also releases glucose from the small intestine, giving the brain a message of satiety.


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