Dark Hair Color Shows Good Health and has quickly become a New Beauty Indicator! Proper nutrition for hair prevents early hair whitening and has become the new haircare trend!

Early hair whitening has destroyed many peoples’ dreams of having healthy, glowing hair. And getting the proper nutrition for hair might help!

Everyone dreams of “having natural black hair”. And, many reliable indicators show dark brown and black tea shades are the most popular healthy hair colors. Having dark shiny hair does not only make you look energetic; it also gives you the graceful elegance sought by many.

Unfortunately, many people experience early hair whitening. This may result from the lack of proper nutrition for hair or stress factors. Gray hair can make a person full of fatigue and may sometimes be an indicator of an underlying problem.


Market Research Statistics have shown that consumers have a great demand for hair care.

To maintain natural and healthy hair color, the question of how to prevent early hair whitening and have a healthy hair glow has remained in the heart of every consumer. The answer to this is proper nutrition for hair. Consumers are not only concerned about the internal health of their bodies but are now willing to spend time on external maintenance.

According to Mibelle Biochemistry, a leading Swiss beauty care company, the importance consumers place on hair care has led to the fast emergence of new products that improve hair health via scalp care. According to the Grand View Research report, the global haircare market is projected to reach USD211 billion by 2025.


Why do people start to realize that getting the proper nutrition for hair is a better way to prevent early hair whitening.

In a bid to curb early hair whitening, maintain dark hair and create a healthy and energetic image, many consumers often use “hair dye” to solve the problem of gray hair. Although people use permanent dyes to bring back healthy hair color, they do not realize that hair is originally “white”! The black hair we see is transformed into black by melanin produced by melanocytes in the hair follicles.

Although hair dye is quick and convenient, long-term reliance on permanent dyes can affect the function of melanocytes to produce melanin steadily. It may lead to hair damage, scalp inflammation and allergies, and even hair loss. The “p-phenylenediamine” (PPD) in permanent dyes may also increase the risk of cancer. In addition to the damage caused by dyes, early hair whitening represents a health warning! Therefore, ensuring proper nutrition for hair is preferred to using dyes among consumers.


There are actually lots of people searching for hair supplements through the internet.

According to the keyword search analysis tool, from May 2020 to April 2021, the search rate for the keyword “black hair supplement” in Taiwan and Hong Kong has increased significantly each month. Globally, the search rate of the overall black hair health food-related keywords is as high as 24,000 each month. These statistics indicate that consumers are highly receptive to “improving gray hair in the oral form” and actively looking to purchase related products on the Internet.


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[2] Hair Care Market Size Worth $211.1 Billion By 2025 | CAGR: 3.1%-Grand View Research


Before taking proper nutrition for growing healthy hair, understand the hair growth mechanism and the common culprit’s early hair whitening!

The hair growth mechanism you should understand.

Proper nutrition for hair plays a key role in growing healthy hair. To understand how nutritional intake can prevent early hair whitening, we must first analyze the mechanism of melanin production in hair and the environmental factors that cause gray hair to grow. Human hair requires melanin to turn black. This melanin is produced by melanocytes with free radicals produced alongside.

Under healthy conditions, the scalp has an effective antioxidant response system that helps the hair follicles produce healthy black hair. However, various factors such as “irregular work and rest”, “high stress”, “environmental pollution”, and “use of chemical products”, may disturb its balance. Modern people have caused the free radicals in the body to exceed the load resulting in accelerated aging of hair follicles.

Besides, the body consumes a large amount of tyrosine in a bid to resist long-term environmental stress. This results in a shortage of raw materials for melanin in the hair follicles promoting early hair whitening.

Another common cause of gray hair growth is “malnutrition”. A diet that is chronically “high in starch and low in protein” will cause the body to lack amino acids. This means that the body has an insufficient supply of tyrosine which is essential for the growth of healthy black hair.


The nutrition you needed to prevent early hair whitening, recovering hair follicles.

To ensure proper nutrition for hair, adjust your dietary habits and consider supplement foods rich in the following nutrients.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant vitamin. It fights against free radical damage to hair follicles and prevents melanocyte dysfunction. In addition, Vitamin C helps iron absorption and may help hair growth in synergy with iron.

  • Vitamin E

This is a fat-soluble antioxidant vitamin. Vitamin E works with vitamin C to protect skin tissues from free radical damage. In one study, subjects experienced a 34.5% increase in hair growth after eight months of vitamin E supplementation.

  • Protein

Protein supply is key in maintaining proper nutrition for hair. Adequate protein help hair follicles grow healthier and shinier hair. A deficient supply of protein, on the other hand, may lead to hair thinning and loss.

  • Zinc

Hair, skin, and nail health are greatly dependent on zinc. This is because zinc affects the synthesis of proteins which is critical to their health.


Chinese medicine also suggests some nutrition for growing healthy hair!

Chinese medicine also suggests that the activation of blood circulation leads to increased blood circulation in the scalp thereby reducing early hair whitening and improving hair growth. Common Oriental ingredients rich in trace elements: Lyceum, red date, mulberry leaf, black sesame, etc., encourage healthy hair growth and can be used as home remedies for early hair whitening. Ingredients such as Fleece flower root, however, have medicinal properties and are better taken under the instruction of a Chinese medicine practitioner. In all, maintaining proper nutrition for hair, eliminating stress, and ensuring a healthy lifestyle are sure to prevent early hair whitening and gray hair problems.



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