The “negative” product of the smartphone generation – stress disorder

The rising storm for the smartphone generation – The Modern Epidemic

The annual prevalence of depression is about 11% across the world. More than 1 million people commit suicide each year due to depression, while 350 million people are suffering from it. According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in Taiwan, more than 1.16 million people are diagnosed and treated for depression each year and almost another 6 million people appeared with suspected generalized anxiety disorder. There are about 20% – 30% of people who suffer from the Modern Epidemic symptoms caused by daily pressure, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and irregular dietary habits. “Stress disorder” is a series of autonomic nervous disorders caused by anxiety and its complications. In a way, the anxiety people suffer from is mainly due to information overload and mental stress.

On average, one of every 3 people per day experience the symptoms of the Modern Epidemic caused by stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and irregular dietary habits

Anit-stress nutrients are needed to fight against stress disorders.

In order to cope with stress and reduce the chronic damage to our body, it’s necessary to increase the intake of anti-stress nutrients in addition to a balanced diet. Anti-stress nutrients not only improve immunity but also strengthen the ability to deal with stress. Studies have shown that when a body was experiencing stress, the loss of vitamin B complex, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and carbohydrates in the body increased accordingly, which further leads to fatigue and anxiety……More information about the function of anti-stress nutrients

Wel-Bloom exclusively developed the De-Stress™ formula

From the database of more than 30,000 raw material formulas, Wel-Bloom has exclusively developed an innovative and long-lasting formula through the integration of Chinese and western ingredients. Through the 3 steps of stability, slowness, and inhibition, the formula can effectively regulate the coordination of nerve cells and muscles, relieving the muscle stiffness caused by maintaining a single posture for a long period of time and autonomic dysfunction from the Modern Epidemic……More information about the secret of the De-Stress™ formula

The first step of anti-stress, a good night gives you energy

A good night’s sleep is the first step to help release stress. Wel-Bloom combines the patent ingredients from 4 counties including Europe and the United States to create the exclusive formula, helping people with anxieties and sleeping disorders promote the quality and hours of their sleep, significantly improve memory, concentration, and even social ability. Good sleep formula gives you a good night’s sleep and an energetic morning.  


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