Vol14:A life with healthy kidney: Blue ocean market for kidney health care products.

  • Kidney inflammation is insensitive – A life with kidney dialysis quietly befalls
    The function of the kidney is to filter and drains out waste, promote metabolism, regulate the balance between water and electrolyte. We usually won’t feel it when our kidney function becomes poor and by the time warning appears already most of the function has been lost, and ends with relying on kidney dialysis, a passive method of treatment. It’s difficult for modern-day people to detach from processed foods plus being over-stressed and overworked, raising the attack rate of kidney disease higher and higher. To further understand other reasons causing kidney disease.


  • Taiwan, the kingdom of kidney dialysis – kidney healthcare saving national healthcare In 2017 the most costly disease in national healthcare is acute and chronic kidney disease ranking first with 48.3 billion spent and creating a history new high with people going through kidney dialysis.   Indicated in the 2017 cause of death statistical data that,  Nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, and Nephrosis are placed 9th amongst the top 10 causes of death. Currently, in the market develop kidney healthcare products from a prevention perspective is rare, almost with no product being developed for a specific market…… To further understand the opportunity of kidney healthcare product that’s in short of supply.


  • New material for kidney protection – Prevention is better than cure

Due to the different causes of kidney disease for various groups, therefore the right kidney healthcare material is to be used pending on different types of illness. Currently, the following materials have been proven with exceptional efficacy in preventing kidney inflammation; Chanca Piedra, nettle, ginger root, cranberry and etc……have all been test proven to effectively prevent kidney inflammation!

  • Own a victorious life with healthy kidneys

Individually targeting various elements causing kidney inflammation, stone, UTI, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, and kidney deficiency, Welbloom Bio-Tech developed 4 different dosages of kidney healthcare products, opening a blue ocean market business opportunity in the kidney healthcare market for you.

Wel-bloom is the professions ODM and ODM manufacturer. We’re the health foods development expert in Taiwan. We’re insistence research and development and quality, just want to give you the on the cutting edge of the healthy food product.


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edmVol14:A life with healthy kidney: Blue ocean market for kidney health care products.