21st Century – The Generation of Peptide! Time to Realize the Importance of Peptides.

The protein that we consume in our daily life is made up of a variety of peptides. What are peptides? The structure of a peptide is composed of between two and forty-nine amino acids joined together. We could understand that peptide is a substance between amino acids and proteins. Glutathione, also known as“The Mother of All Antioxidants,” is a tripeptide formed by glutamate, cysteine, and glycine. Anserine is a type of dipeptide containing βalanine and Histidine, which could be found in mammals’ brain and skeletal muscle and help eliminate the acidic substances from the body faster. The interesting fact about peptides is that they must have certain amounts of specific amino acids to show their functions. With the advanced development of biology and medicine in the 21st century, researchers are dedicated to discovering or synthesizing peptides with specific functions. Peptides already exist within the body even before we were born and just like the other nutrition and micronutrients, they are substances that we can’t live without. The peptides in humans help deliver messages, regulate physiological functions, and rebuild the structures. Different species of peptides carry out different functions to thoroughly support the body systems. Peptides participate in the activities of numerous cells, tissue, hormones, and enzymes. Peptides could be derived either from food or the protein breakdown performed by protease. However, the amount of both self-assembling peptides and food-derived peptides together is still lower than necessary due to enzyme specificity, which reflects the significance of taking peptide supplements. The countless types of neuropeptides found in nervous systems are the reason why peptides could act as messengers. For instance, enkephalin, also known as endorphin, could effectively alleviate pain and carry out the function of reducing the tension of the sympathetic nervous system in the brainstem to regulate blood pressure. Endorphin is not mainly used for the regulation of cardiovascular functions under normal circumstances, but when it comes to emergencies such as shock, endorphin plays an important role in modulating blood pressure.


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Peptide Market Is to Hit One Billion U.S. Dollars. The Trend in Recent Years Should Not Be Underestimated.

According to the report from Grand View Research, the global peptide synthesis market size recorded revenue of USD 379.99 in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 1,011.99 million by 2026 growing at the CAGR of 13% during the forecast period. The market size is not only growing in North America and Europe but also expanding fast in the Asia Pacific. In addition, due to the increasing awareness regarding the negative impact of chemical additives on health and the environment, many manufacturers start using peptides as food additives to enhance the shelf life, improve the flavor of food, and be used as surfactants or even antibacterial agents. These new research directions and technologies are gradually growing in the health food market, which emphasizes the importance of peptides.

They are so many different sorts of peptides being used in products. For example, copper peptides are often used in skincare products and silk peptides are used in high-end skin care and cosmetic products. Besides, Bitter melon peptide has been receiving a lot of attention lately and for the increasing vegan and vegetarian population, soybean peptides seem to be the best nutritional solution. Moreover, with the concept of osteoporosis prevention, many calcium supplements are containing casein phosphopeptides.

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