Global Warming Is Changing the World! The Environment, Economy, and Security are Greatly Affected.

The summer temperature is high, heatstroke is frequent, and the summer will likely get longer due to global warming. Global warming has had tremendous effects on humans, including food crises and famine due to severe droughts and floods. Global warming has also resulted in casualties due to natural disasters. These effects may seem rather farfetched. However, year after year, the temperature rises, and heat waves hit the world. Consequently, the need for a body cooling drink increases as high temperatures leaves people easily dehydrated, raising the risks of suffering from heatstroke and other illnesses. Without a doubt, global warming is a matter of importance to everybody.

Intensified global warming causes heat exhaustion, dehydration, and many other health problems, resulting in growing need of body cooling methods.

Multiple research centers and global organizations have stated that global warming has a huge impact on more than just climate change.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a scientific assessment of climate change in 2021, issuing a warning about the rise of global temperatures. In recent years, the heatwave that has swept through Europe and the United States has set historical records for both time length and temperature. The European summer of 2021 has once again broken the previous year’s average annual temperature record for the hottest summer on record.

The Environmental Change Research Center of Academia Sinica also cynically predicts that by 2060, Taiwan will have no more winters while summers may be as long as seven months and days with extremely high temperatures (above 36 degrees Celsius) may exceed forty-eight.

Besides climate, global warming affected daily lives and economics greatly. The increasing need for body cooling goods might very likely be a promising market.

At the environmental level, global warming causes melting of polar ice sheets, inundation of coastal lands due to sea-level rise, and extreme weather resulting in abnormal rainfall. It may also cause expansion of drought and desertification. These consequently result in economic losses and casualties due to facility damage as well as financial losses caused by supply chain disruptions.

However, this is not all. The impact of global warming on the environment, economy, and personal safety, brings with it a potential for evolution. The heatwave is driving an industrial evolution toward safer, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly practices. This embraces:

  1. The conversion of traditional industries to focus on energy-saving and carbon reduction in production lines to minimize environmental damage;
  2. The application of renewable energy to promote environmental sustainability;
  3. Emphasis on food safety, curtailing both food production site pollution (caused by high temperatures) and food preservation pollution
  4. The rise of green industries to reduce environmental damage and pollution, improve resource recycling and reclamation, with environmental sustainability as a primary focus; and
  5. The increasing demand for consumer goods. The constantly rising temperature has brought a surge in sales of body cooling drinks, beer, ice products, and other summer products.


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Global Warming Broods New Business Opportunities for Summer Health Care and Body Cooling Drink under High Temperature and Humidity.

The fast-growing demand for consumer goods and the health problems associated with high-temperature environments have presented a unique business opportunity-cooling off the heat. In a bid to control the heat during summer, many people take cold showers and even eat ice. However, there are only so many cold showers can do and so many that can be taken in a day. Cold showers will also cause the skin pores and capillaries to contract, affecting heat dissipation. Ice, on the other hand, may cause blood vessels to constrict; hence not a great option. Eating ice rather fast could easily cause headache, disturb stomach digestion and intestinal peristalsis, and result in stomach cramps, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or even gastroenteritis. Ice or cold shower? None seems to be a safe and effective way to solve the problem.

Traditional chinese herbal tea is a suitable body cooling drink, moreover, a healthier way to cool off in the summer.

The traditional body cooling tea origin from Southeast Asia has become a long-time favorite in local areas.

When forced to live in an environment with extremely high temperatures, we consider taking a body cooling drink. But, when it comes to living with high temperatures, we have to mention the “herbal tea culture” that originated in Guangdong and spread south to Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, it is humid and hot in summer. It is often said there that hot weather makes people “hot”. “Hot” here refers to the poor circulation of Qi and blood in the body, which causes the body to dissipate heat poorly and results in the manifestation of dryness and heat symptoms. These symptoms may be grouped into external and internal factors. Internal factors are often related to work, rest and diets. Lack of quality sleep coupled with a dry hot diet is sure to leave pone easily “hot” or on fire. Common symptoms associated with being “hot” are chapped lips, dry mouth, bad breath, and constipation.

Ice cannot be adapted as a remedy because the ice itself is by nature a dry hot diet; hence it cannot tone down the fire. Therefore, Chinese herbalists make tea from cooler herbs to quench thirst, cool down the heat, and reduce fire, which will otherwise be widely spread in the community. With the spread of Chinese culture and Southeast Asia, flourishing herbal tea culture has been developed in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

The traditional body cooling drink has the great potential to be a hot sell product in the summer!

The Chinese herbal medicine market in Southeast Asia continues to grow, and people are very interested in Chinese health care products. Chinese herbal medicine has been introduced in large quantities from ethnic Chinese people in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. Herb tea is a popular health drink that has been tested by time and people, and it has become a part of the blue ocean of health.

Due to the influence of global warming, the market for body cooling drinks continues to rise. And in recent years, people have paid more attention to the niceties of Chinese medicine and herbs. If we can create a new era of herbal tea based on traditional herbal tea formulas and integrate the health benefits of Western medicine to make a market segmentation, we’ll not only quench thirst but also cool down the fire.


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