Indigestion has become a common disease, with gastrointestinal supplements in the market’s top five!

Regardless of age, supplements for indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems are in great demand.

Indigestion has become a common disease due to the lifestyle of modern people: fast-paced lives, high pressure, irregular diet and lack of regulation. The stomach is a major organ in gastrointestinal health. Thus, stomach issues often result in gastrointestinal indigestion. Reports from the Health Insurance Bureau show that digestive problems related to the stomach such as heartburn, nausea and vomiting, bloating and stomach pain, loss of appetite and shallow stomach support may even lead to gastroesophageal reflux, H. pylori infection, and other life-threatening gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, if gastrointestinal protection will be attained, stomach issues must be addressed. 

According to statistics, the Taiwanese have many gastrointestinal problems, and the average annual stomach medicine swallowed is as much as 1,600 buildings in Taipei 101[1]. Because the stomach is the main source of digestive problems, and the intestines are the body’s outposts, a symptom can easily trigger responses in the whole body. Fortunately, modern people pay attention to the concept of health and homeostasis, so digestive problems have become a widespread health concern.

In a bid to prevent other heath conditions brought about by digestive problems, people will pay more attention to gastrointestinal health care and improvement. Furthermore, since a poor gastrointestinal tract can easily result in loss of body shape, those concerned about having an attractive body figure are becoming more eager to seek solutions. Thus, modern people are adopting nutritional supplementation and conditioning business opportunities in an attempt to ensure gastrointestinal protection. 

Gastrointestinal health care products are one of the top five in the $10 billion supplements market. In addition to the common probiotics, digestive enzymes, which are natural ingredients, are also chosen to help improve the gastrointestinal ecology.[2][3]




Neglecting the digestive system is extremely harmful; however, nutrition and healthy habits can improve digestive problems.

Digestive problems in children and adults are different and easily affect body function in the long run.

There are many causes of indigestion, which are closely related to lifestyle and diet. These factors also result in different gastrointestinal problems in adults and children, and are roughly analyzed below.

  • Adults have high work pressure, irregular diets, more opportunities to gather and eat out, high demand for fine food, plus a hand-cranked drink, refined food lacking fiber protection, high sugar, cold drinks… all of these can easily affect the operation of digestive enzymes. Moreso, irregular work and rest, inattentiveness during meals, working, talking, and playing games while eating, can easily result in nervous tension and bring about symptoms of gastrointestinal anxiety.
  • Children are prone to partial eating, resulting in the body’s inability to obtain adequate essential nutrients. This is inhibitory to the operation of the digestive system in the long run. Children have a more sensitive gut, so a defect in digestive function affects the entire body function and, in the long run, the child’s development.

The fundamental way to improve indigestion is to start with daily and internal environmental protection.

In addition to the common gastroesophageal reflux, flatulence, gastritis, and gastric ulcer, one can easily become fat-prone, and the body shape is affected. These conditions can be improved through the following ways.

  • Adopting healthier lifestyle habits; eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and consume more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other foods that require more chewing. These foods will help by slowing down your eating speed while boosting the secretion of digestive juices and thus promote bowel movement.
  • From the point of view of TCM: Use dietary supplements and Chinese medicine to adjust the body and the stomach. Add in the appropriate foods when cooking: lotus seeds, hawthorn, Chen Pi, Luo Shen Hua, star anise, white peony, and other ingredients to nourish the spleen and stomach. Dietary habits should also be adjusted to promote the body’s ecological balance. Avoid eating too cold or too hot foods, stay away from eating raw food, and chew more on grains and cereals containing dietary fiber before swallowing them.
  • Enzymes are active ingredients that help to relieve digestive pressure. Therefore, supplementation of enzymes for gastrointestinal health is a more convenient way to ensure gastrointestinal protection as these enzymes help digest food and care for the intestinal tract.



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ALLIndigestion has become a common disease, with gastrointestinal health products in the market’s top five!