As the elderly population increases globally, there is a growing demand for pure chicken essence health products

The global population is facing the challenge of aging at an accelerated rate. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2050, the world’s population over the age of 60 will account for one-fourth of the total global population.[1] As people age, certain functions may begin to decline, and physical strength may decrease. It is also common for memory to become less sharp. These changes can lead to feelings of depression among older adults and significantly affects their quality of life. However, maintaining and prioritizing good health throughout the aging process can help to mitigate these challenges and promote overall happiness and satisfaction in old age.


A smart strategy for a health regimen is the secret, and chicken essence has become one of the top choices for health products

As the demand for dietary supplements continues to rise in the 21st century, the market has seen an influx of healthcare supplement manufacturers. It is now more important than ever to choose high-quality, effective products. According to WHO daily dietary guidelines, an average person should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. However, the Taiwan Health Promotion Administration recommends that older adults with a long-term illness can increase their daily protein intake to 1.2~1.5 grams of protein per kilogram, and the elderly with severe injury or illness can increase it to 2 grams. Thus, adequate protein supplementation is crucial for individuals who are post-surgery, recovering from illness, or older adults confined to bed for extended periods. Essential amino acids, which the human body cannot produce, are a key source of high-quality protein. Pure chicken essence, which is rich in amino acids, has traditionally been one of the best choices for the public. However, with the rise of the vegan diet in recent years, mushroom extract, which is also rich in essential amino acids, has gained favor in the health food market as an alternative protein source.



The increasing popularity of chicken essence in the health market has presented opportunities for the industry to capitalize on this trend and drive growth.

Choices of nutrition-dense products

Older people who lose nutrients rapidly, postnatal and lactating mothers, and people who frequently experience feelings of weakness and fatigue need to take nutrient-dense supplements to accelerate their recovery and strengthen their bodies. Chicken essence or silver perch essence are often effective options for these individuals as they can help to nourish the body and enhance physical strength quickly.

The highly competitive market for the chicken essence

In the post-pandemic era, the demand for dietary supplements keeps rising, with chicken essence products particularly gaining a significant market share and ranking among the top three health food products in terms of social media presence.[2] In 2021, the chicken essence market flourished and attracted investment from various brands. The sales of both drip chicken essence and boiling chicken essence increased by more than 43% annually. [3] Silver perch essence, which claims to come from a purer source, has also become a rising star in the market. There is a growing demand for essence made from fresh food, leading to an expansion of available products with diverse efficacy claims. Some health food OEMs are creating nutritional extracts from mushrooms, beans, and ginseng, which offer a range of nutrients and efficacy and are good replacements for chicken and silver perch essence. Those products not only have high nutritional value but also are suitable for vegetarians.



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