Watch Out for Early Onset Articular Degeneration. Supplements to Strengthen Bone and Joint Is Soaring.


Startling by each step. The rising prevalence of knee osteoarthritis is a cause for concern.

Osteoarthritis, a type of articular degeneration, can be classified as primary or secondary. Primary osteoarthritis mostly is related to aging, obesity, and body constitution.  Secondary osteoarthritis is caused by injury, genetics, immune disorder, cartilage metabolism, etc.  Osteoarthritis is more common in manual workers and elders over 65 years of age, and women are more likely to be affected than men.  Osteoarthritis affects approximately 590 million people globally, with the hands, hips, and knees being the most common areas of occurrence.  The knee joint degeneration market alone is expected to reach $12 billion[1] by 2029, indicating that joint pain affects a larger portion of the population than once believed.

Tips for knee joint health that everyone should pay attention to, regardless of how active they are.

The problem of an imbalance between movement and stillness is a common issue for many individuals in today’s world.[2]  People who don’t work out regularly have weaker joints and muscles and are prone to injury with sudden high-intensive exercise. Conversely, individuals who engage in excessive exercise without adequate rest may be at risk of accumulating injuries.[3] In recent years, more people have been investing in fitness centers, outdoor camping, and even extreme sports. While the fitness trend is on the rise, the proportion of obesity and the aging population remains high.  The situation highlights the demand for supplements to strengthen bones and joints, which is a market trend that cannot be ignored.



Global Knee Osteoarthritis Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2029
Preventing Joint Pain While Exercising: A Guide For Active Adults


Discover the Ergothioneine Benefits: The Mushroom-Driven Amino Acid Generates Buzz to in Joint Health Market for Improved Mobility.

The long-term impact of osteoarthritis on mobility.

The skeletal system consisting of bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints is the foundation of your body, giving it structure and allowing for movement.  Among them, joint problems have a profound impact[4]. Many elders don’t want to walk due to joint pain and gradually fall into a vicious circle of reduced mobility, accelerated joint degeneration, and loss of muscle mass.  They may eventually need to rely on wheelchairs to get around, which may affect their social and mental health. As a precaution, protein supplementation incorporated with muscle-strengthening exercise is recommended for elders to increase muscle strength and mass and reduce the burden on the knee joints[5].

For elders with impaired oral health, they may have a poor appetite, which negatively impacts nutritional intake. Protein-rich soft foods and dietary supplements, such as turmeric[6], tofu[7] (vegetarian protein), glucosamine, and bromelain[8], are recommended to protect joints and strengthen muscle mass. However, knee osteoarthritis is not exclusive to the elderly. Young adults ignoring joint pain continue to add a burden to their joints, leading to the early onset of degenerative arthritis.  For young to middle-aged individuals, it is recommended to pay more attention to their own bone and muscle health.


Amino acid supplementation powerhouse – Life-changing super antioxidant found in mushrooms ” Ergothioneine “

A study by the National University of Singapore (NUS) found that mushrooms are rich in the super antioxidant “ergothioneine”. Long-term intake can improve physiological functions, promote muscle recovery, and help develop muscle strength. This has driven the continued growth of the global functional mushroom industry, with an expected annual compound growth rate of 6.7% and a projected market size of over 24 billion USD in 2028[9]. Therefore, Wel-Bloom Biotech foresaw the opportunity to invest countless funds and efforts to develop the technology for the complete extraction of mushroom essence, which helps our clients differentiate themselves from their competitors in the joint care market and tap into new horizons in the healthcare industry.



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The global mushroom market

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