Youthful Onset of Male Sexual Dysfunction, Heightened Sexual Health Awareness.

Modern Work Pressure Takes a Toll on Sexual Well-being!

Current work environments are characterized by high stress, long hours, and exhaustion, often accompanied by extended periods of sitting and insufficient exercise. Combined with irregular meals, inadequate sleep, emotional disturbances, and physiological imbalances, these factors exert a significant strain on the body, resulting in a decline in physical function. In particular, the prevalence of male sexual dysfunction is on the rise. Research conducted by the Taiwanese Association of Andrology reveals[1] that the number of male sexual dysfunction patients within 18-25 age group reaches an alarming 10%, highlighting a concerning trend of younger individuals experiencing sexual issues in Taiwan[2]. These findings align with European studies that demonstrate similar results, indicating that male sexual dysfunction has emerged as a critical crisis affecting men globally.


Igniting Momentum: Increasing Global Sexual Health Awareness Sets Path for $60.2 Billion Market by 2030.

Global discussions on sexual health have surged in recent years, particularly focusing on men’s reproductive health, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, hormonal imbalances, and other key concerns, as revealed by a research report by Emergen Research[3]. This rising awareness has propelled the growth of the global sexual wellness market, including in traditionally conservative regions like India, where topics such as menstruation remain taboo[4]. With the global market size reaching $30.33 billion in 2021, it is projected to expand to $60.2 billion by 2030, showcasing a 7.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). As sexual attitudes become more open, consumers are actively seeking safe and effective solutions, with Maca emerging as a prominent player in the male enhancement supplement market.


Rising Above the Competition: Maca’s Key Ingredient Positions It as the Ultimate Selection for Herbal Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction.

Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, has experienced a steady rise in the global male enhancement supplement market. It has emerged as the top choice among male consumers seeking to enhance their testosterone levels[5].  However, it’s important to understand the difference between light-colored and dark-colored maca, especially regarding the specific maca benefits for men[6]. Light-colored maca is primarily used for relieving fatigue, combating depression, and promoting better sleep. On the other hand, dark-colored maca excels in enhancing sexual desire, addressing erectile dysfunction, and preventing prostate disease[7].  Due to the irreversible trend of stressful lifestyles, the demand for herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction is on the rise. According to a Credence Research report, the maca market is projected to reach a staggering USD$ 1 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.86%[8], presenting a prime investment opportunity. However, most commercially available maca male enhancement supplements focus on energy-boosting effects, requiring extended use to achieve desired outcomes. To truly make a mark in the sexual wellness market, it is crucial to develop a maca male enhancement formula that acts quickly and specifically targets improving sexual well-being. This would cater to the increasing consumer demand for effective herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction.












Optimizing Sexual Health through the Perfect Blend of Lifestyle and Certified Supplements. Wel-Bloom BioTech’s Patented Product Seizes the Market Potential.

Addressing the Core of Erectile Dysfunction through Healthy Lifestyle Practices.

To effectively address erectile dysfunction at its core, establishing good lifestyle habits is vital. According to numerous medical experts, male office workers are advised to prioritize regular exercise routines, particularly aerobic and core exercises, to enhance blood circulation in the lower body. Simultaneously, it is crucial to adopt a balanced dietary regimen, ensuring the intake of diverse nutrients. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is also important to enhance overall physical well-being, which in turn contributes to sustaining long-term stable sexual function.


Amidst Mounting Aphrodisiac Drug Concerns: Consumers Seek Relief from Herbal Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

While lifestyle changes alone are insufficient for effectively treating pathological male erectile dysfunction, notable improvements can be achieved through the utilization of currently available erectile dysfunction drugs. However, these medications often come with various side effects such as headaches, facial flushing, loss of appetite, and temporary visual impairment[9]. Concerns over potential physiological harm caused by these drugs have led consumers to seek alternative solutions. As a result, there has been a growing trend in recent years toward the consumption of health supplements for sexual health care. Medical experts also recommend considering erectile dysfunction drugs as a secondary option, encouraging the exploration of healthier and more natural means to enhance libido.


Male Enhancement Supplements from Certified Factories Replace Unqualified Folk Remedies.

Numerous males experiencing sexual dysfunction may feel hesitant or embarrassed to seek medical assistance for their physical concerns. Consequently, they often turn to unknown folk remedies or tonics in an attempt to find a solution. However, these unverified remedies come with potential risks if consumed. To ensure food safety, it is advisable for consumers to opt for supplements that have undergone rigorous inspections by authoritative bodies such as ISO, HACCP, NSF-GMP. Moreover, selecting supplements manufactured by qualified raw material suppliers and health supplement contract manufacturers further ensures product reliability.


Opening Doors to New Frontiers: Wel-Bloom Biotech Empowers Partners in the Male Enhancement Supplement Market, Discovering Lucrative Market Prospects.

Recognizing the market shifts, Wel-Bloom BioTech swiftly responded by developing a patented maca sublingual paste. This innovative product capitalizes on the opportunity to offer an alternative to erectile dysfunction drugs, mitigating their side effects and eliminating the lengthy 12-hour absorption time associated with existing maca male enhancement supplements[10]. The sublingual paste features a unique combination of light and dark-colored maca, ensuring rapid absorption under the tongue to enhance endurance. By adopting a food-like dosage form, the product mitigates the medicinal sensation typically associated with supplements, gaining wider acceptance among consumers. This breakthrough empowers Wel-Bloom’s partners to explore fresh prospects within the thriving male enhancement supplement market.




Recommended ingredients and new formula by Wel-Bloom are included. 
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