Adele Activates The Skinny Genes With Sirtfood Diet

The British pop star, Adele, shed 19 kilograms within six months with Sirtfood Diet, which has sent the social media into a frenzy. This diet plan includes consuming the food that could activate internal deacetylases to turn on the skinny gene, SIRT1, and accelerate the breakdown of fat to achieve weight loss.

The principle of awakening the skinny genes could be traced back to 2003 where everyone was chasing longevity and perpetual youth.

In 2003, one study from Harvard started the chaos of the academia and many pharmaceutical factories trying to produce the elixir with SIRT1. After having so many pro and con arguments for more than 10 years, the experiments eventually failed and the dream of never aging has been put on pause. Although producing elixir with SIRT1 was not a success, related research did not stop there. The good news is that SIRT1 is proved to be a gene highly associated with the composition and metabolism of internal body fat. SIRT1 functions as the protein deacetylase that increases the breakdown of fat in the liver and muscle to reduce body fat storage.


Increasing Brown Fat Might Help Weight Management

Research even identified the magical power of SIRT1 that it helps promote fatty acid oxidation, enhance mitochondrial biogenesis, and stimulate the browning of white fat. Some people may even gain weight from drinking water while others stay in shape no matter how much they eat. They are not gaining weight because they have a quicker fat-burning metabolism and a greater amount of brown fat cells in their body. SIRT1 could transform the white fat cells which store fat into the brown fat cells that burn fat. It is time to awaken the skinny genes in the body!

Therefore, the longevity gene SIRT1 is now receiving more attention as the skinny gene. SIRT1 will only be activated when the body is experiencing relatively extreme physiological conditions such as calorie restriction, hunger, feeling cold, and intense physical activity. Under these circumstances, SIRT1 will start burning the internal fat.

Many studies also indicate that the activation of SIRT1 requires not only calorie restriction and increased physical activity, but also catalysts. These catalysts are within the specific plant extracts recommended by Sirtfood Diet. If still unable to lose weight after cutting down the food intake and exercising regularly, it may be the genes. Try Sirtfood Diet to awaken the internal skinny genes for twice the result with half the effort.


Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Utilizes the Knowledge Regarding Genes and Science to Innovate Diversified Weight Loss Product

Adele lost weight with Sirtfood Diet that only allows green juices and low-calorie meals every day. She stuck to the strict diet plan with her willpower and self-discipline to control food intake and awaken the internal skinny genes. However, losing weight is actually much more effortless than that. Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech grasps the secrets to how genes affect weight loss. We skip the complicated procedure of ingredient processing, calculate the exact calorie intake, design a more diversified diet plan, and create the weight loss formula to activate skinny genes. Let the weight loss journey begin with knowing more about genes first. Please contact us for more product knowledge related to SIRT1.


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