Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation collaborates with Taiwan Environmental Information Association to organize the beach cleanup activity at Xialiao Beach. On Saturday, October 31st, our team dedicated our day to making the beach beautiful again. The total of human-created waste that we picked up from the beach weighs about 73 kilograms. Through engaging in waste classification according to ICC guidelines, we were allowed to gather data about the types of trash that cause pollution and identify the most discarded items on the beach. The data could further be utilized as information and eco-friendly instructional materials to urge the government to track down the sources of trash and act on this issue by making the policy regarding the prevention of waste generation. Participating in the beach cleanup activity has opened our eyes and made us become more mindful of how we could be posing a threat to nature in many ways.

▲Colleagues of Wel-bloom worked hard to remove garbage on the beach together.

▲There’s a lot more fishery waste than we could imagine. 

        Taiwan is an island surrounded by the ocean and we hope to make our planet a better place by taking action to achieve environmental preservation and encouraging the employees to fulfill the corporate social responsibility. Our team actively volunteered to participate in this beach cleanup activity because we knew that restoring ecological environment is truly a team effort.

        The statistic from the activity shows that there were 376 plastic beverage bottles, 279 plastic bottle caps, and 137 straws among all the collected human-created waste. We came to realize that many of our lifestyle habits could actually contribute to environmental pollution. Our employees also shared that this definitely teaches us a lesson in considering the environment and we are strongly inspired to continue making positive changes in protecting the environment due to this beach cleanup activity and the previous lecture on environmental preservation.

▲Colleagues separated the garbage by using ICC guidelines.

        Furthermore, our Vice President, Mrs. Ivy Wang Chiu Yueh, also strongly advises the employees to reduce the use of single-use items and further mentions that our team will strive to make more positive differences on the environment, participate in more social welfare events, contribute to maintaining the marine environment, restore marine ecosystem, practice sustainable development, stay environmentally friendly, and commit to keep making this planet a cleaner and better place.

▲Vice President Mrs. Ivy Wang called on colleagues to stay environmentally friendly.

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