【Top10 FAQs in the first meeting -Pt.01】
The MOQ, shelf life, and certification application

Question 01: What’s the minimum order quantity(MOQ)?

One of the most common FAQs is about minimum order quantity(MOQ). In fact, it depends on different dosage forms. Since WelBloom has obtained international certifications like NSF-GMP and HALAL, we set different MOQ for six dosage forms include jelly, drinks, paste, powder, tablet, and capsule, to meet their strict standards of manufacturing control processes.


Question 02: How long will be the shelf life?

The shelf life would be 24 months. With our exclusive technology Tri-SAFE® so that we won’t need preservatives to keep products shelf life.

Question 03: Whether Welbloom could provide the HALAL certification application service?

WelBloom has halal certified production line, and we could help our clients to get THIDA certification, which is the halal association in Taiwan. So that customers can put the approved logo on the outer boxes and could be legally sell as halal products.

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Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation is a nutraceutical manufacturer certified with NSF-GMP, ISO, HACCP, and Halal. We provide comprehensive services including market analysis, formula customization, supply chain integration, quality assurance, educational product training, and assistance in certificate application. As a Taiwan Health Food Expert, We can be your right choice of the supplement manufacturer.

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Video《Top10 FAQs in the first meeting》Ep.1 – The MOQ, shelf life, and certification application