【Top10 FAQs in the first meeting -Ep.04】
Aluminum sachet, Box Design, and Trade Term

Question 01: How do we design our aluminum sachet?

We can customize the sachet design and provide sample options for you. The more colors used on the sachet, the higher the cost will be.


Question 02: What kind of box do we have?

We offer basic packaging options such as drawer boxes, flip-up boxes, and more, all with customizable compartments. The number of items within each box is also adjustable.


Question 03: What is the trade term WelBloom offers?

We can provide ex-work and FOB. Normally, our client choose FOB.


【Episode Time Tags】

Episode Time Tags
00:00-00:53 Intro
00:54-01:55 How do we design our aluminum sachet?
01:56-02:33 What kind of box do we have?
02:34-03:08 What is the trade term WelBloom offers?
03:09-03:22 Outro

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【Basic Information】

Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation is a nutraceutical manufacturer certified with NSF-GMP, ISO, HACCP, and Halal. We provide comprehensive services including market analysis, formula customization, supply chain integration, quality assurance, educational product training, and assistance in certificate application. As a Taiwan Health Food Expert, We can be your right choice of the supplement manufacturer.


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Video《Top10 FAQs in the first meeting》Ep.4 – Aluminum sachet, box design, and trade term