The Global Obsession with Skin Brightening

Brings About the Popularity of Beauty Supplements!

       Brighter skin may have long been an essential characteristic of Asian beauty in recent years. Beauty pageants are judged on their appearance and may be criticized if their looks did not meet the standards. The pervasive idea that having brighter skin is more attractive reflects on the sales growth of beauty products. The recent scientific research in Japan discovers that DKK1 is a protein-coding gene responsible for our palms and soles being naturally brighter than the rest of the body parts and a natural inhibitor of melanin production. Therefore, research personnel started unlocking the new skin-brightening ingredients that are similar to DKK1 to clarify our complexions and return exposed skin to its natural state, showing a strong growth potential for skin-brightening products in Asian market.

       While Asians are pursuing skin brightening, Westerners are yearning to fade dark spots and reduce melanin deposition. Marie-Helene Lair, International Scientific Communications Director from Clarins mentions that there is a soaring demand for dark spot-fading products in Western countries since Westerners are prone to hyperpigmentation with lower UV resistance. Skin brightening has also become the major obsession in the Western regions.   


       In addition, the preference for more radiant skin has been reinforced with social media, which makes the consumers care more about their appearance and skin condition. Pursuing optimal skin health goes viral worldwide, creating a huge opportunity for the growth of the beauty supplement market which encourages the skin health from inside out. 

       The research from Global Industry Analysts shows that the demand for skin brightening is rising and the global beauty supplement market is projected to reach 8.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and 12.3 billion by 2027 with CAGR increasing to 5.2%. According to Goldstein Research, the beauty supplement market reached 3.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 and the market growth rate is expected to exceed 8.6% from 2017 to 2030.

       As the old saying goes “You are what you eat.” Our daily nutrient intake affects body functions and even the skin condition and complexion. Beauty products have transformed from topical application to oral supplement to support beauty from within.

       The fascination with skin brightening is going on worldwide and Taiwan is no exception. A market survey from Cosmed found that the average amount that Taiwanese people spend on skin-brightening products each day is about 25 million Taiwan dollars, which the continued growth of skin-brightening market is expected. The statistics from IT IS indicate that dietary supplement has been the top category starting in 2016 and the growth continues. Simultaneously, Kantar Worldpanel Taiwan shows that beauty supplements are one of the most purchased items. With the celebrity influence, the prevalence of beauty supplement use has increased and the sales revenue has gained 30%, proving the market penetration and commercial success of the beauty supplement market.

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Wel-Bloom Overcomes the Manufacturing Challenges

When Utilizing Specific Skin-Brightening Ingredients


       In order to provide the customers diverse options, supplement companies are nonstop looking for skin-brightening ingredients to meet the growing demands of beauty supplement. Many functional ingredients have been commonly used in skin-brightening products; however, a few challenges that occur while utilizing them are listed as the following:   


  1. Classic Ingredient: Vitamin C and L-Cysteine 
  • Vitamin C: it plays a critical role in collagen synthesis; however, it is sensitive to heat and light and not so easy to be stored. Therefore, protecting vitamin C from light and heat is required during manufacturing process. 
  • L-Cysteine: the natural and sulfur-containing amino acid which promotes the removal of free radical; nevertheless, the sulfur odor makes it undesirable. Therefore, taste masking is required during manufacturing process.

       2. Reputable Ingredient : Glutathione 

       Due to its chemical structure, glutathione possesses unique sulfur odor and rarely gets absorbed in the intestines, causing more restrictions while utilizing it in the products.

       3. Great Addition: Resveratrol 

       Resveratrol promotes skin brightening; however, it becomes unstable against heat and light. Therefore, careful control during the manufacturing process is required. 


       In order to overcome the functional properties of the ingredients such as being unstable in nature, getting damaged easily when under gastric acidic environment, possessing unique flavor, Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech develops the Nutri-Crypt®, the coating technology as the perfect solution to resolve the aforementioned issues.

Getting clearer skin with better understanding in skin physiology  

       From the viewpoint of skin cytology, glowing skin means having more organized cellular arrangement in the epidermis and decreased melanin deposition.

       Babies have ultra-smooth and glowing skin because they are not suffering from pimples, traumatic injuries, and collagen degradation. Having regular arrangement of keratinocytes is the main reason for their smooth and radiant skin, which the light rays reflect parallel to each other from a smooth surface.

Melanin deposition also contributes to dull and uneven skin tone. Babies have not been exposed to much UV radiation so there is no need for cells to keep producing melanin, further leading to brighter skin.


What about the cellular arrangement in aging skin?

       The epidermis is the outer layer, undergoing constant renewal. All cells are turned over as the most superficial cells are replaced by new ones. Skin injuries, dryness, and the collagen destruction due to long-term consumption of the foods high in AGEs cause imbalance in keratinocytes and wrinkles. Instead of reflecting parallel to each other, the light rays would scatter in different directions on uneven skin surface, making the skin seem darker.  

       What causes hyperpigmentation in aging skin? UV radiations are the primary cause of premature skin aging and skin hyperpigmentation issues. The exposure to UV radiations stimulates cells to produce melanin to protect DNA. The high-energy visible light indoor and the oxidative stress generated within the body also contribute to melanin production. Dark spots on the skin occur when the excessive melanin could not be expelled out of the body.   




Seeing the whole picture of the physiological function of skin for organized cellular arrangement and reduction in melanin deposition:

  1. Stay moist: apply cream every two hours to prevent skin dryness 
  2. UV protection: apply the sunscreen every two hours regardless of location
  3. Avoid overcleaning: choose either makeup remover or cleanser with warm water to remove excess oil on the skin 
  4. Adequate exercise: promote subcutaneous blood flow and skin cell turnover
  5. Moderate amount of protein intake: strengthen the structure of elastin and collagen 
  6. Reduce the intake of refined sugar and ultra-processed food: avoid protein glycation
  7. Replenish antioxidants such as phytochemicals and glutathione: reduce oxidation 
  8. Take probiotics and prebiotics: microbiome therapy
  9. Relieve stress and be calm: reduce stress hormone   

Nutri-Crypt® – Wel-Bloom’s Innovative Pellet Technology 

We developed Nutri-Crypt®, the coating technology for masking the taste, producing smooth and texture free surfaces, protecting the ingredient against gastric juice, and promoting better intestinal absorption…..   For more information about Maternity Care Market,you can visit the article:”Vol.22-The Phenomenon Of Declining Fertility Rates In Modern Society Continues To Rise! The Maternity Care Market Is Booming!-Part One

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