CCTV Interviewed! To see the Welbloom how to become the top one biotechnology company?

In May of this year, Welbloom was interviewed by the CCTV and talked about the Welbloom company history.

Welbloom is a biotechnology company and health food foundry in Taiwan. In the past 20 years, Welbloom has stuck on the Hippocratic Oath belief that pursuing the professional ethics of healthy food. In order to provide more safe products to our customers, Welbloom insists that every piece of product design and manufacturing process is subject to stringent checks. Because of these insists, not only do we get the NSF-GMP and Halal Certification and so on but also open up new markets in Taiwan, the USA, and Southeast Asia.

Welbloom provides the best quality of health food products to the customer. And we’re treating our partner like family so that our customer has become a long-term relationship with us.

The next step, Welbloom will be using digital technology to complete the biotechnology company and health food foundry systems. Which we can give our customers the best experience to help them and their brands.

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Video source: CCTV Interview! To see the Welbloom how to become the top biotechnology company?

ALLCCTV Interviewed! To see the Wel-Bloom how to become the top one biotechnology company?