Because people commute under sunshine, work overtime and often stay in the air-conditioned room,most of the skin has their own problems. To solve the emergency problem, we should contact the doctor, but the prevention can start from health food, Wel-bloom develops Collagen jelly which is easy and convenient to have it. 

Silk protein containing lots of serine, and it can improve skin elasticity, enhance water retention, smooth fine lines, and have strong anti-oxidative ability. Collagen Jelly provides the ability to improve elasticity and moisturizing skin, create your own skin beauty.

The use of silk protein for skin-care originated from Korea. Plastic surgeries are common in Korea; many parents even agreed their daughters to have plastic surgery as a reward for passing their college entrance exam. 

However, wound from surgery must have fasr recovery, which silk protein plays an important role. Most aesthetic doctors will recommend the use of silk protein after surgery to improve wound healing.

You might see many collagen products in the market, but did you know that the molecular weight of silk protein is only 1/200 of collagen?
It can penetrate our skin’s stratum corneum immediately and be absorbed and used by cells rapidly. Beside these, it also has lot of advantages such as:

 Long lasting water retention
 UV resistant
 Anti-inflammation and anti-acne
 Improve healing of inflammatory wounds
 Promote the secretion of collagen

Wel-bloom Biotech helps you prepare “Collagen jelly”, an effective and high-quality jelly, which is delicious and convenient to eat it.

Collagen jelly is your great way to pop into the market, from female customers to most of skin-care customers.


ALLCollagen jelly,your great way to pop into the market