【Health Insights 7】How to boost energy? Let’s talk about exercise physiology and nutrition.


The 7th episode of Health Insights is released! In this episode, our sales representative Jimmy will tell you why people need to boost energy while exercising and talk about exercise physiology and nutrition.

Although working out at the gym and team sports are banned due to COVID-19, people are still passionate about sports and fitness. People are converting their rooms into a gym-liked space, in order to do exercises at home, leading to a new health trend.

When we do exercise, we have to make sure that we produce enough ATP, removing the lactic acid to prolong the intense exercise. Therefore, we can consume creatine to earn more ATP. Meanwhile, consume arginine to lower the lactic acid during anaerobic exercise. Besides creatine and arginine, there are also other nutritions that help remove lactic acid, producing ATP.


【Episode Time Tags】

00:00 Prevention tips for COVID-19
00:55 Sports trends under the epidemic
03:00 Simple concept of exercise physiology
04:42 What is lactic acid? How to remove it?
06:20 Summary
06:59 Welbloom’s OEM/ODM service


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Video【Health Insights 7】How to boost energy? Let’s talk about exercise physiology and nutrition.