【Health Insights 10】Having trouble sleeping? The nutrition for better sleep you must know!

Facts overviews on insomnia.

According to the statistics, There are more than 80% of people want to improve their sleep quality, 67% of people are having trouble sleeping and wake up at least once during the night. In most cases, sleep deprivation is short-term. But sometimes it becomes Long-term Sleep Disorder, which we called insomnia, or a more dangerous occasion: Comorbidity, which refers to the co-occurrence of two or more disorders in a single patient at one time, like insomnia, anxiety, and depression. And insomnia itself predisposes to many other health conditions, including GERD and chronic headaches, which in turn worsen insomnia symptoms. It becomes a vicious cycle.

How can we get better sleep?

Some people prefer to use traditional ways, like reading, decreasing caffeine consumption, or even deciding to take some hypnotic drugs. But the side effects of drug abuse will lead to lack of concentration, drug addiction, or depression. For people who don’t want to take hypnotic drugs, what should we do? We could provide a solution with intaking nutrition for better sleep, such as GABA, Glycine, Tryptophan, and also Calcium& Magnesium which is beneficial for nerve conduction.


【Episode Time Tags】

00:00-00:33  Intro: COVID-19 prevention tips.
00:34-02:23  Simple facts overview about insomnia.
02:24-04:18  What causes insomnia?
04:19-06:50  The nutrition that helps prevent insomnia and how.
06:51-08:07  Outro: Contact us if you are interested in our formula!


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Video【Health Insights 10】Having trouble sleeping? The nutrition for better sleep you must know!