【Health Insights 9】Millions are affected! Dementia prevention and nutrition must be valued! 


In 2018, there are over 50 million people being affected by dementia. And do you know that dementia prevention and nutrition are closely related? Besides answering the above question, Fendy will also share more detailed information like ”10 warning signs of dementia.”, ”Why do people have dementia?”, and ”How to prevent dementia? ”

Moreover, you are able to learn more about nutrition that can help prevent dementia by maintaining brain and health conditions. For example, coffee berry extract, Apocynum Venetum Extract, and Roselle Extract.


【Episode Time Tags】

00:00-00:33   Intro: New daily lives after the COVID-19 possibly become endemic.
00:34-01:14   A little chat on the movie ”The Father” which is about dementia.

00:15-02:50   Dementia and the global impact of it.
02:51-03:44   The warning signs of dementia.
03:45-06:21   Main causes of dementia and prevention.
06:22-08:04   The Nutrition that can help prevent dementia.
08:04-08:59   Outro: Contact us if you are interested in our formula!


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Can dementia be prevented?

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Video【Health Insights 9】Millions are affected! Dementia prevention and nutrition must be valued!