【Health Insights 12-Pt.01】”Preventing gray hair with nutrition” is going big in the haircare market!


Right now it’s good timing to enter the haircare supplement market!

People should start to realize that preventing gray hair with nutrition is a better way.

From ancient times to the present, black hair has always been a symbol of health and youth.  The market forecast in 2025 will exceed 210 billion US dollars. We can see a significant increasing trend here compared to the slimming or whitening market which is already on a plateau. So this is really good timing to enter the hair care supplement market.

Many factors will contribute to hair damage such as Irregular sleep patterns, long working hours, life stress, and insufficient or imbalance nutrition. This will produce excess free radicals to damage or to make premature greying of hair.

The original hair color is actually a light color. And it is pigmented by melanin, produced by melanocytes. As we mentioned in previous pages that environmental stress suppresses the melanocytes from producing melanin pigment. And excessive free radicals cause follicular aging. There is fewer and fewer melanin pigment, and the hair is greying.

 To make hair turn back to dark color. We have to relieve anxiety and consume balanced nutrients. Last but not least, we have to rejuvenate hair follicles. Health follicles will produce new melanin pigment for newborn hair. This is very important if you want to have good hair looking.


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00:00-01:05 Intro: Health tips – Random fact for sodium consumption.
01:06-02:04 Why enter the haircare supplement market?
02:05-03:25 Common ways to deal with gray hair but can be harmful!
03:26-04:23 Why do we have gray hair? How to prevent it?
04:24-04:48 Outro: Special formula for gray hair prevention.


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Video【Health Insights 12 -Pt.01】”Preventing gray hair with nutrition” is going big in hair care market !